Laffey Work Party - 2008
(Selected from the 400+ photos Wally took)
Life Aboard
Welcome Bringing on stores Brow Galley display Ready to go
Planning session It's on the grill Breakfast! Looks/Sounds like... Mmmm mmm good
I know my job! Planning the day Waving the flag Call to colors Ready to blast
Here ya go Hiya Our security officer Again Back from the carrier
More stores! The photographer Security Officer Lisa CO & XO say "Hello" Needle gun really works
Painting... Painting... Painting... Painting... Needling...
Busy Painting... Painting... Painting... Painting...
Observing visitors Painting Dale at the grill Group shot Girls
Beautiful sunset Beautiful sunrise Painting... Painting... Reporting for duty
Bob on the foc'sle Heeere's Wally! Girls sailing Girls Girls
Dale on the Brow Joe & Malcolm Peaceful morning Arthur Ravenel Bridge Laffey bow
Starboard view Starboard view Starboard view Starboard view Starboard view
Starboard view Starboard view Starboard view Starboard view Stern view
SC Union Jack Dale preparing snacks View of the Bow On the Signal Bridge Notches on the director
Many medals Daily CG fly-by Who believes this? Stev,XO & CO Eugene, Steve,XO & CO
Steve, XO, CO & Wally Eugene griling Dale supervising Another lovely sunrise Crow's nest
Sunrise over Mt 51 Wally at Breakfast Painting Painting Painting
Wally shooting 20mm Our friend Lloyd Reinstalling plaques Reinstalling plaque Reinstalling plaque
Reinstalling plaque CG can't afford eagle? XO stops for a visit Dale supervising Sorting it out

More breakfast!

End of Tour. Packing up

The gang's all here!
This excellent photo was taken by a visitor who tenaciously tracked us down on the Internet from the name on our ballcaps!
Lunch With Hoot
Dinner To Benefit Breast Cancer
Save The Tatas  
"Wally's Women"


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