There's a variety of resources to obtain medals you've lost.  You can even research to find medals that you are entitled to but never received. To get medals issued or replaced you can "go through channels" and wait (and wait) or... you can do it yourself... online. One of the most complete sites on the Internet for such purposes is GruntsMilitary ( which sells replacement medals and ribbons for all branches.  What makes this site so valuable is that it provides detailed information about each medal which allows you to assess if you're eligible for a particular medal.


There is one award which is only in the form of a certificate.   The "Cold War Recognition" certificate is for all military personnel who have been honorably discharged and/or who served anytime during the period 2 Sep 1945 to 26 Dec 1991.  There is no medal authorized at this time but such medals may be obtain from private sources.  Simply put, this means anyone who served on the RICH is eligible for this certificate!

Below are links to a partial list of medals awarded to our shipmates. 


Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Navy Expeditionary Medal


Cold War Recognition

Navy Occupation Service


Combat Action Medial

Navy Sea Service


Good Conduct Medal

Vietnam Campaign Medal


Meritorious Unit Commendation

Vietnam Service Medal 



National Defense Service



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