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Looking for Shipmates

As a crew, we learned early in our Navy life that we had a moral and physical responsibility to look out for each other. That responsibility continues well into our civilian life.

In 2012, the association accepted a responsibility to re-connect with every shipmate possible and the Shipmate Search Project was created.

With funding available, we have located over
800 shipmates.  Sadly, 40% of them were deceased.

Below is a list of shipmates who served aboard RICH in 1965-1967.  Our ace searcher is unable to locate any of these men.  Do you know where any of them are located?  Inquiring minds want to know!
1965-67 Enlisted and Commisioned Shipmates
Cannot Locate
Surname First Middle State Rank/Rate  Arrived
Abutin Marcelino P PHILP DK1 09/29/67
Andrews James  P KY SMC 05/15/67
Barker Charles R IC1 09/21/67
Bias Fred Lee KY FTG3 06/27/65
Brandenberg Harold  - SA 11/17/66
Briggs Joseph Thomas 09/01/67
Brown Thomas William NY FTGSN 09/11/66
Burge David  Michael CA GMG3 05/12/67
Byrd Donald  L SC MMC 11/24/67
Callahan John Lawrence PA RM3 01/13/67
Charles Alan George RDSN 04/21/67
Cheney David  H FTGSN 01/28/67
Clark Thomas A ENS 00/00/67
Claxton James T ENS 12/02/67
Cody Robert Milton IL SN 11/27/67
Curran J A NY SN 12/01/67
Dachel Asbury - KY HM1 09/19/66
Delaney Robert Patrick NY FN 12/11/67
Digirolamo Nicholas - NY BTFN 03/27/67
Dixon Jr. Michael J PA BT3 Phil. PA
Farrington Ronald B OH SN 05/16/67
Faulkner James - SD2 05/11/66
Fitzpatrick Charles  - CS3 07/17/67
Flanagan Donald  F NY FN 02/21/67
Fowler David  Malcolm TX FN 03/29/67
Gilbert James Edwin UNK SN 04/25/67
Graham David  Franklin BT3 06/16/67
Green Jon Fieldon SN 08/29/67
Guy John Regis ETN3 08/21/67
Harrison Jr. Charles  J MD CS2 09/17/67
Heaton James Wayne SA 04/29/67
Hopkins Ray C TX ST1 03/26/66
Hummell Edward Joseph PA ETR3 10/20/67
Hurley Thomas D TX ETN2
Hutcherson Henry W SC GMGC 07/22/67
Johnson Cleve - TN GMG1 03/07/00
Jones Edward L PA RDC 03/07/00
Kidd Roy Wayne DCFN 07/17/67
Kimbell Charles Gw… AL BT1 12/18/67
King George  Ronald DC FTG1 05/13/67
Lawrence James A MA SK1 10/05/65
Margarita William J NY FTGSN 12/01/67
Marshall Michael Le… CA IC3 07/24/65
Marshall John Allen RDSN 04/11/67
McAuliffe Richard F ENS 12/02/67
Michaels Thomas Edward   ENS 11/01/67
Miller Donald  Edward NY SA 09/28/66
Mitchell Jr George  A GMG3
Moore Charles  W  GA RDC 08/31/67
Myers Robert Dale SN 5/3/19??
Neal Donald  Allen SFPFN 08/23/67
Norris Paul   B or D  SN 03/26/66
Norris Jackie Lee OH MM3 01/22/65
Peterson Jerry Lee RD2 03/01/67
Pierson Robert John IL SN 03/26/66
Pint  James J MN FTG3
Piper Richard R GA SH1 03/07/00
Ramirez Baldemar - FN 11/08/66
Randles Donald  H FN
Reardon Martin O  KY MMFN 03/19/67
Reid II Thomas P YN3 67
Rhodes Donald  Ray LTjg 12/01/67
Richardson Rodney J FTGSN 10/13/67
Roach Floyd Michael SN 10/27/67
Rodriquez Joseph A OH SN 03/07/00
Ryan Joseph Nickolas BTFN 10/30/67
Schimpe William Cha… SN 11/22/67
Schonfeld Raymond  O or G STGSN 07/30/67
Sery Charles  Russell SN 04/25/66
Setzer Raymond  Earl SN 12/16/66
Shoup Robert George SN 11/27/18
Siler Randy Paul MD BTFN 10/13/67
Silverdahl Gene H VA SA 01/23/67
Smith Daniel Boyd TN MM3 09/16/66
Stevens Norman Gegi… SN 09/28/08
Summers Cary Edwards  PA RDSN 05/09/66
Taylor Roy Lawrence TN BT2 10/18/65
Teorie James V SN 03/07/00
Tesoro Guilermo Ta PHI TN 02/28/67
Thomas Randall Bruce ENS 10/01/67
Turner Larry W FL SMSN 01/21/67
Walker William Mich… FL SA 05/15/66
Williams Elmer Lee KY SK3 09/20/66
Williams Theodore F MA FA 03/07/00
Wilson Willie C FL SH2 12/26/67
Wilson Joe P MMC 02/11/64
Wilson Gordon Lee OH BT3 01/05/65
Workman Rodney Dean SA 05/03/67
Yokum Jimmy R LA CS2

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