December 24, 2002 --->>> Update to 2020

Seventy eight years ago today, Mrs. Gilbert DuBois of Riverdale, New Jersey popped out this delightful male child which she named Marshall. He was two weeks early and was supposed to be a girl. He wore pink clothing until he was two years old. 
Little did he know what he was in for

Forty years ago today, I saw an image very similar to the one above. RICH was at the Destroyer Piers in Norva offloading everything (and I do mean everything) in preparation for her voyage to Brooklyn Naval Shipyard to undergo FRAM... Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernization. I was chosen to be in the crew and I was really excited. 
Little did I know what I was in for

Twenty three years ago today, this website,  was officially inaugurated.  Although the site had been online since June, 1997, it was on a temporary server and not easily found by our shipmates.

When I walked down the pier at 00:02 on Friday, 15 April 1966, I had taken a personal vow the Navy was behind me forever. 
Little did I know what I was in for

I found out about the RICH association two weeks after the 1996 Reunion.  I was absolutely crushed that I missed it.  When Iris and I attended the 1997 Reunion in Monck's Corner I was nearly overwhelmed with emotion.  After 31 years, I was re-united with many of my shipmates with whom I served and... I was able to meet new RICH shipmates who had served at other times on the old girl.

I came away with a new sense of joy and enthusiasm.  Being "in the biz", a website could be my contribution to the association.  After all, how much work could it be?
Little did I know what I was in for.

Over the years, I have invested certainly hundreds of hours and perhaps thousands of hours.  I haven't kept track.  What this has done is kept me in contact with many, many of our shipmates by email, postal, telephone and fax.  I get the bad news when a shipmate passes.  I get the good news when someone finds us. I get to see all the memorabilia first. (Some of the time)  And most of all I get the kudos and thank you's. I'm always glad to remind them of the saying on our masthead... "The life and times of this great ship in photos and words by the great crew who sailed her."  Freely translated, this website is a repository for all the contributions made by our shipmates without which there would be no site and no legacy for us to leave in the annals of the history of the United States Navy.


Thank you, shipmates, for letting me do this job.  I'd like to do it for another 23 years.  And yes!  I know what I'm in for!

I extend my warmest wishes for a