18th Annual Ship's Company Reunion

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With the precision of a Refueling At Sea evolution, the 18th Annual Ship's Company Reunion earned a rating of 4.0 by those attending.  The weather was cooperative presenting seasonal, but not unreasonable, temperatures and few showers except for Saturday.  Fortunately, we had no outside activities that day.

The Drawbridge Inn is a mature facility with some rooms having less-than-generous space.  Nevertheless the entire complex was clean and the staff could easily be rated as the very best we've experienced. The Hospitality Room however, was large and easily accommodated everyone without being cramped.  This was also true of the roomy ballroom where the banquet buffet was held.

At the banquet, soloist Cathy Maxwell provided a touching performance of the Navy Hymn while Inspirational Speaker Gary Griesser had the crowd on their feet singing along with some of our country's favorite traditional patriotic songs.  While they weren't singing, many were doubled over in laughter at Gary's humor.

Of special note were Bobby and Angela of McHale's who insured every detail of the event right down to the placement of the very last fork.  High praise to the staff for making the Kentucky experience so enjoyable.

The tours went well and were enjoyed by all.  Modern Economics: One couple went to the Hollywood Casino.  She lost $100.  He won $140 so she spent $200 at the Annual Auction. Incidentally, Auctioneer Jim Carroll did a great job and at the same time set a record income for the auction.

Host Dick Koeniger and his sidekick Cathy Buell did an outstanding job in making this reunion a wonderful and successful reunion for our shipmates.  Kudos to them for all the time, effort and hard work!

If you have photos you'd like to share, please send them on a CD and we'll post them

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Who Came
Anderson Donald T SN 48-50
Bandomir Wally CSSN 66-70
Barner Donne G GMG3 60-63
Beeman L.E. MM2 55-59
Campbell Richard W. MM2 56-59
Carroll James MM3 65-67
Chester Jim LTJG 66-68
Clauss Jerre RD2 60-61
Cochrane Robert EM3 54-56
Compher Samuel PC3 67-68
Dahlstrom Baesley MRFN 57-59
DeCandia Dom MM3 58-61
Dixon Larry E. RD3 65-67
DuBois Marshall K. SH2 62-66
Dunnigan Jerry BMSN 65-67
Evans Dave BT2 58-62
Fledderman Mark EM2 62-65
Givens Donald  RM2 70-73
Gross William F. BT3 65-67
Halloran Larry RD3 66-68
Hansen Dale E. STG3 68
Hebb Lawson FT3 49-52
Henry Steve LTjg 67-70
Himes Carl SK3 60-62
Hogg Donald  BM3 62-64
Hutchins Francis BT1 48-55
Ingham Lawrence RM3 68
Kilmer George N. ET3 65-66
Kinne David FTG3 70-74
Koeniger Dick SN 59-61
Koski Joseph H. SN 57-59
Maniscalo Louis F. RD3 64-66
Marlar Jeff SMSN 65-66
Mayne Paul MM3 55-57
Medlin Gary R. SK2 69-71
Miller John D. QM3 66-69
Morales Elmer EM2 55-58
Moritz David L. BM3 57-59
Moyer Dennis SFM2 63-67
Ohmer Thomas A. MM2 59-61
Orthouse Delton GMG3 63-67
Ortiz Leonardo TM3 62-65
Ozvart Frank BT1 59-65
Priddy Rowland RM3 68
Reed  Thomas R RM3 65-66
Robbins Dale L. SM1 46-47
Robbins  Dale E. Assoc -
Rockwell Fred SN1 46-48
Sauro Frank TM3 63-66
Scudder John MM2 74-77
Shaw Howard RD2 53-56
Sipos Warren RM3 67-70
Skillen Johnny SN 64-66
Snyder Gary BT2 63-67
Szabo  John SOGSN 61
Tonkin Don BM3 65-67
Tubbs Charles A. RMC 75-77
Weaver Samuel T BT1 75-77
Weber Charles Ltjg 76-77
Wentway Charles FP2 53-57
Wheeler Jim T SH3 50-53
Williams Forrest TM3 65-68
Wilson Gary SHSN 60-62
Wolff Roger DC2 67-69
Yocum William MMC 60-62


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