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From Chuck Weber, your Veteran Service Officer...
New ID cards for retirees, dependents, 100% disabled

The military is ditching flimsy laminated paper-based ID cards for military retirees and dependents for an all-new card system: the Next Generation Uniform Services Identification Card.  All DoD USID card facilities are set to offer the IDs by December 2020 with a complete transition to new USID cards targeted for January 2026.

This transition doesn't affect current card expiration dates and doesn't change the populations who are eligible to get the current USID cards.

In addition, Medal of Honor recipients, their dependents and 100% disabled veterans, and their dependents, are eligible for the new cards. The cards facilitate access to military bases and to other exclusive facilities, such as commissaries and exchanges.

It was advised that it would be better to wait to get the new card until next summer unless the holder's current one is expired. Applicants should call ahead for appointments to get the new USID cards.

Source:  excerpted from
Military.com | Bing Xiao, 24 Aug 2020


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