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From Chuck Weber, your Veteran Service Officer...
VA Appointments


Millions of Vets Waiting to Hear About Their Canceled Ones


The VA was forced to cancel more than 11 million appointments from March to June during the coronavirus pandemic, but didn't follow up on more than 3 million of those.  At least 1.1 million of the canceled appointments were converted to telehealth appointments.  VA held about 2.8 million total virtual appointments in March and April. 


VA may have erroneously labeled some canceled appointments as "canceled by the veteran," according to the report.   VA staff said they will use cancellation dates, instead of the above labels, when rescheduling to avoid missing anyone.  VA officials said they had nearly completed a plan for managing appointments and consults, including plans to "review all appointment (and consult) cancellations and provide follow-up." 


Source: Excerpted from ConnectingVets.com | Abbie Bennett | September 1, 2020


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