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From Chuck Weber, your Veteran Service Officer...
C & P Exam Delays

If you file a claim with the VA for a Disability Compensation the VA may require you be examined by one of their VA doctors or a contracted civilian doctor.  That exam is called a C&P exam for (Compensation & Pension).


Because of the current CoVid quarantine, the doctors are not seeing patients face to face.  Some C&P exams may be performed virtually, using Zoom, telephone or some other similar process.  Most, however, will require a face to face with a doctor.  The delay in getting a C&P will delay a decision on your VA claim.  However, if the claim is approved you will still be compensated back to the date that you filed the claim.


The current backlog for these C&Ps nationwide is about 165,000. The VA is starting to schedule appointments for these C&Ps and they are using a civilian contractor to make many of the appointments. The contractor is Veterans Evaluation Services (VES) which is located in Texas.  If you are contacted by phone, email or direct mail by VES….they are legitimate.  They will ask you for your birthdate and other personal info (but not your SSN) to verify that you are the veteran.  You will need to give them that info and again….the are legitimate.…so it is okay to give the info. 


VES will give you a case number that will look like this * 123-456-12345 * but the numbers will be different.  Make sure you write down that number and save it.  You can contact VES at 877.637.8387.  There is no current projection how long it will take to get the C&P exam scheduled due to the different dates for recovery phases in each State.



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