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From Chuck Weber, your Veteran Service Officer...
DEERS - The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, or DEERS, is a database that manages your eligibility status. DEERS is used for all active duty, National Guard and Reserve, and retired service members worldwide and their family members. The information you provide in DEERS confirms your eligibility and your family members’ eligibility for TRICARE coverage and programs. It also determines your assigned TRICARE region. It’s important to keep your information current, especially during life events, such as moving, getting married or divorced, and having children. Only sponsors, or a sponsor-appointed individual with valid power of attorney, can add family members in DEERS. When there’s a change in information, each family member’s DEERS record must be updated separately.

It’s important for sponsors to register new spouses and children in DEERS to ensure their TRICARE coverage. The sponsor needs to provide a copy of the marriage or birth certificate and/or adoption papers to the nearest uniformed services ID card office, or to a DEERS representative in remote locations. To find your nearest office, visit www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl. Sponsors must also update DEERS if they divorce. Certain former spouses who haven’t remarried may be eligible for continued coverage. Check with the sponsor’s service personnel office to verify eligibility and find out what documentation is necessary to continue TRICARE coverage. For more information, visit www.TRICARE.mil/DEERS.

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