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From Chuck Weber, your Veteran Service Officer...
Finding a VA claims representative

When many of you contact me looking for assistance with a claim I always recommend that you find assistance with an accredited Veterans Service Officer near to where you live.  There are many kinds of representatives:

-          Attorneys, claims agents and others who will charge you for their services:  (usually not recommended – an un-needed expense)

-          VA Benefits Advisors:  (not recommended – these are VA employees whose interest lie more with the government and not the individual veteran)

-          Accredited VSOs:  (recommended – employed by all of the national veterans organizations and provided free of charge)

-          State and County VSOs:  (recommended – employed by local governments and provided free of charge)


You can find a qualified person to help you with any type of VA claim by going to:

-          https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/vso-search

-          https://www.longtermcarelink.net/ref_list_state_county_veterans_service_officers.htm

-          Visiting VSO offices which are located at VA Medical Centers, some VA HealthCare and Outreach Clinics, VA Regional Offices

-          Contacting any local Post or Chapter of any national Veterans organization: American Legion, VFW, DAV, FRA, AMVETS, Purple Heart, etc.


Claims filing has changed significantly in the past few years.  Much is automated now and will be made much simpler if you get assistance from a capable and accredited Veterans Service Officer.  If will be much more difficult if you try going on you own.


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