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Legislative Goals for 2015  ►   Bucket List

Health Care Issues

  • Avert a 24% Medicare/TRICARE payment cut and fix the statutory formula to improve care access
  • Oppose means testing of TRICARE Prime and TRICARE for Life enrollment fees
  • Block the consolidation of TRICARE health plans into a single plan providing less choice
  • Improve seamless transition and protect Defense and VA health budgets/programs and benefits
  • Authorize the option to retain operational reservists’ civilian family health insurance upon call-up
  • Increase orthodontia payment cap under active duty plan
  • Authorize TRICARE coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis for active and retired members  

Retirement/Survivor Issues

  • Evaluate Military Compensation & Retirement Modernization Commission recommendations; February 2015
  • Oppose military benefit changes that are inconsistent with service career sacrifices
  • Preserve full-inflation cost of living adjustments (COLAs)
  • End the deduction of VA disability compensation from military retired pay
  • End deduction of VA Dependency & Indemnification Compensation from Survivor Benefit Plan annuities
  • Implement a more equitable military disability retirement system
  • Restore VA Dependency & Indemnification Compensation for spouses who remarry after age 55
  • Reform the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) calculation for reservists who die performing Inactive Duty Training
  • Authorize survivors to retain a deceased retiree’s full final month retired pay
  • Reform the Uniform Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA)

Veterans / Other Issues

  • Eliminate VA claims backlog and improve quality, efficiency and transparency of claims processing
  • Improve VA healthcare services and access for women veterans
  • Extend caregiver services and support to qualifying disabled veterans of all conflicts
  • Authorize pre-tax payment of health, dental, and long-term health care premiums
  • Prevent disproportional Social Security and Medicare penalties for any population segment

[Source:  MOAA Leg Up Jan. 09, 2015]

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