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DoD Reconsider Discharges of Vietnam Vets with PTSD

This week the Defense Department (DoD) announced it has agreed to reconsider other-than-honorable discharges for thousands of Vietnam-era veterans who may have suffered from combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many were dishonorably discharged in an era before PTSD became a diagnosable condition. 

The Pentagon said veterans from the Vietnam era and other past wars with other-than-honorable discharges will be given “liberal consideration” if they seek to correct their military records and provide some evidence of a PTSD diagnosis that existed at the time of their service. 

Upgraded discharges could result in the restoration of some benefits, such as disability pay, separation pay or GI Bill benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)—benefits that are typically denied to veterans who receive other-than-honorable discharges. Health care in the VA system, however, is typically provided to veterans regardless of their discharge status. For more information on this issue, go to: 

Source: FRA NewsBytes, 05 Sep 2014


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