19th Annual Ship's Company Reunion
Who Came  

And a great time was had by all!
Beautiful Spring weather prevailed during our stay in Richfield save for our "day at the races" where we experienced a showery, very cool and breezy day. 

Every event either won, placed or showed (as in racing parlance) and were winners for our shipmate and guests alike.

Photo Video
We selected about 400 of the best photos for your viewing pleasure.  (We had nearly 1200 to choose from!)
Click below to watch.
Reunion 2012 in photos

Group Shot - Shipmates Only
Some color photos available in the May 820 Newsletter
Who's Came
Last First Rate Tour Guest   Last First Rate Tour Guest
Aeschiimann Mike MM2 62-66 Peg   Koski Joseph H. BMSN 57-59 Mary L
Angelicchio Paul EM3 76-77 Karen   Maniscalco Louis F RD3 64-66 Jeanine
Bandomir Wally CSSN 66-70 Pat   Mayne Paul A. MM3 55-57
Barilla Joseph H BT2 65-68 Bonnie   Medlin Gary R. SK2 69-71 Christine
Barner Donnie GMG3 60-63 Carole   Moyer Dennis H SFM2 63-67 Elvira
Campbell Richard W. MM2 56-59 Elsie Mae   Ohmer Tom MM2 59-61
Carroll James MM3 65-67 Karen   Orlowski Ron EM3 59-62 Carol
Chester Jim LTjg 66-69 Jo Ann Mauro   Orthouse Delton D GMM3 63-68 Mary
Clauss Jerre RD2 60-62 Arlene   Ortiz Leonardo TM3 62-65 Nilda
Cochrane Robert N EM3 54-56 Joan   Paxton Ed EM3 66-69
Compher Samuel PC3 67-68 Pamela   Priddy Rowland RM3 68 Jackie
Dahlstrom Lee MRFN 56-58 Kris   Rockwell Fred D. S1/c 46-48 Elizabeth
DeCandia Domenic MM3 58-61 Joann   Romanino Otta BT3 54-56
Dixon Larry RD3 65-67 Fay   Scudder John MM2 74-77
DuBois Marshall SH2 62-66 Iris   Sipos Warren RM3 67-70 Carolyn
Dunnigan Jerry BMSN 65-67 Deb   Skillen Johnny BMSN 64-66 Kay
Edwards Dennis H MM2 60-62   Snyder Gary L BT2 63-67 Shelia
Evans Dave BT2 58-62 Mary Ann   Spinozza Leonard PN2 54-55
Fisher Arthur R FN 64-66   Sturdivant, Sr Ron SM3 65-69
Fledderman Mark EM2 62-65 Joann   Svec Jim PN2 59-62 Carolyn
Franchetta Joseph P FN 55-59 John Dayton   Szabo John SOGSN 61 Susan
Greenfield John FN 51-55   Tubbs  Charles A RMC 75-77
Gross William BT3 65-67 Ann   Walton, Sr William G BT3 51-52 Mary Ann
Halloran Larry RD3 66-68 Pat   Weaver Samuel T BT1 75
Hebb Lawson FT3    49-52 Susan Boeger   Weber Charles LTjg 76-77
Himes Carl SK3 60-62 Elaine   Wentway Charles FP2 53-57
Hineland Dwayne IC3 56-58 Reva   Wheeler  Jim SH3 50-53 JoAnn
Hogg Don BM3 62-64 Bonnie   Williams (Bob TM3 65-68 Lucille
Ingham Lawrence D RM3 68 Andrea    Wilson Gary L SHSN 60-62 Catherine
Kilmer George N. ETN3(SS) 65-66 Linda   Wolff Roger DC2 67-69 Rachel
Koeniger Dick SN 59-61   Yocum William MMC 63-67 Joyce


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