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 From the Ships Office  

2023 Ship's Reunion!
11-09 Veterans Day 2022 Specials
10-18 Pollywog to Shellback     (Courtesy Nick Tomasi  SHSN 63-64)
10-11 Orleck Looking Good!
08-21 Were you an RD?  (Not any more!)
07-05 Jacksonville Naval Museum
06-05 USS RICH Kazoo Band
05-29 2022 Memorial Service
05-22 Life Aboard a Destroyer (Video)
04-12 Real War Photos
03-26 Orleck Arrives at Jacksonville
02-22 Naval Order of the United States
01-22 Memories...
12-15 On This Date...
11-04 See Veteran's Day Deals Below
10-19 Good Video: Gearing Class Destroyers
10-14 Photos at Utah Beach   (Photos by Otto Romanino BT3 54-56)
10-13 Cost of Living Allowance Adjusted
10-08 Life on a Destroyer (2019)
09-20 Amazing Historical Photos
09-14 Ignore Personal Quizzes online!
09-11 9/11 Timeline:  How the Day Unfolded
09-11 Simulation Explains How Twin Towers Fell
08-07 Naval History and Heritage Command
08-04 YeeHaw!  We're heading for Kentucky!
08-03 Business Meeting Minutes
07-23 Battleship X-USS South Dakota   (Del Orthouse  GMM3  63-67)
820 Newsletter Archive Available to Members
Veteran Information 2022
from CVSO Chuck Weber
11-29 IMPORTANT: Do not use old VA phone numbers
11-17 Vets Get Free Lifetime Passes...
11-01 Veteran Discount offers for Veterans’ Day
11-01 2022 Free Veterans’ Day Events
08-10 PACT Act Proceeding
08-02 Military ID Cards Change
08-02 SS Cola 2023
05-04 Military Space "A" Travel Returns
05-04 New VA Burial Sites
04-21 Veteran Discounts Available Year round
04-03 Tidbits for April 2022
03-10 Burial and memorial benefits
12-14 VA Notification Letters Delayed
12-10 VA Travel Pay Changes
11-04 Veteran's Day Deals and Discounts
10-29 VA Re-starts Delayed Collections
10-17 VA Medical Care Copayments
10-17 VA travel Pay
10-13 Cost of Living Allowance Adjusted
10-01 2021 COLA Increases
09-07 Pension Benefits for Surviving Spouses
09-07 Get Your Vaccine at VA
07-29 Veterans Canteen Service Celebrates 75 years
07-24 VA Expands Agent Orange Conditions
07-24 Vets Have Access Discount Travel Deals
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Personnel Changes 2021-22
11-30 Testo, Michael  OS3 Passed Away
09-21 Compher, Sam  PC3 Passed Away
08-11 McCall, Robert  EM3 Passed Away
07-16 Rockwell, Fred Sc1 Passed Away
06-27 Gross, William  BT3 Passed Away
05-01 Handly, Donald  PC3 Passed Away
05-24 Bishop, Ronald   LTjg Passed Away
04-19 Hineland, Dwayne  IC3 Passed Away
03-20 Weiss, Howard R  Ens Passed Away
03-17 Morgan, Tommie GMG2 Passed Away
02-19 Carpenter, Paul D DC3 Passed Away
02-20 Bricker, Charles BM3 Passed Away
01-27 Welker, James D Passed Away
01-17 Yocum, William  MMC Passed Away
11-07 B (Jake) Whitmore  RD3 Passed Away
10-28 Driscoll, Edward EMFN Passed Away
10-14 Kilmer, Geo Buck  ETN3 SS Passed Away
10-06 Eugene Ranieri FN Passed Away
09-16 Robert Eugene Rowe Passed Away
08-29 Jay, Jeff  RD3 Passed Away
08-26 Weidman, Bruce  MM3 Passed Away
08-20 Mamerow, Ronald GMMSN Passed Away
06-18 Mockles, David     GMG3 Passed Away
06-04 Wolfinger, Carlton   YN3 Passed Away
05-24 Turgeon, Harold  SM3 Passed Away
05-19 Hammes, Donald E  LTjg Passed Away
05-17 Marshello, Joseph H  S1c Passed Away
04-05 Miller, John D   QM3 Passed Away
03-27 Ignatovich, Joseph  ETs Passed Away
02-21 Sipos, Warren G   RM3 Passed Away
02-21 Boyle, George J   IC3 Passed Away
01-22 O'Neill, James F   ICFN Passed Away
01-21 Lucchesi, John  SA Passed Away
01-13 Hartsock, Neil   MM2 Passed Away
01-06 Shaw, Howard   RD2 Passed Away
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Medals awarded to shipmates
who served aboard RICH
and other duty stations 
Armed Forces Expeditionary (Lebanon & Cuba)
Cold War Recognition
Combat Action (Vietnam)
Good Conduct
Meritorious Unit Commendation
National Defense Service
Navy Expeditionary
Navy Occupation Service
Navy Reserve
Navy Marksman
Naval Sea Service
Vietnam Campaign
Vietnam Service
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