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 From the Ships Office  

11-08 November VA Events
10-30 Boot Camp 2020  (Video)
10-13 If you were aboard in 1971-72...
10-15 DesRon 36
10-08 Prayers Requested
10-03 Orleck Battered
10-03 Moored Forever #2
08-20 Moored Forever       (via Forrest Williams TM3 65-68)
08-04 This Just In!
07-21 US Navy scuppers flawed LCS fleet
07-17    * Revered Plank Owner Passes *
07-02 The Boy on the Beach
07-04 Greyhounds of the Sea
06-16 I Packed your Chute!
05-26 Robin Williams as the American Flag
05-22 I Am a Military Veteran
04-29 5000 Military fighting Covid-19 in NYC
04-07 I Am the Flag           (via Buck Kilmer ETN3 SS   65-66)
03-29 23 Facts about Hospital Ships
03-28 1st Coronavirus Cases on deployed warship
03-04 Pirate Mess with Wrong Ship    (Video)
02-25 Hallelujah - Veterans Version
02-25 Orleck will homeport in Jacksonville
02-23 Thoughts and Prayers Requested for Shipmate
02-17 What we actually know about the Coronavirus
02-11 Alive and Well
02-09 Service Never Stops
02-08 USS Slater video featured on YouTube
820 Newsletter Archive Available to Members
Veteran Information 2020
from CVSO Chuck Weber
10-16 Tricare Select
10-16 VA Long Term Care
10-16 Federal Benefits for Vets/Dependents/Survivors
10-14 Cola 2021
10-05 Flu Shots Still Important
10-05 VA C&P Exams
10-05 Vet Burial Plans
10-05 Vet Cola 2021
10-02 Veterans Resources Monthly
09-23 VA Data Breach
09-23 VA Appointments
09-23 VA Burial Benefits
09-02 Presumptive AO Diseases
08-31 New ID cards for retirees and others
08-15 Prescription Refills
08-15 Social Security Spouse Benefit
08-15 Note of Interest - Agent Orange
07-15 VA Debt
07-15 VA Presumptive AO Diseases
07-15 Military Retirees & Veterans Event Schedule
07-15 Veteran State Benefits
07-15 Interesting Artwork
06-26 July Multi Topics
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Personnel Changes 2020
11-18 Disipio, Robert J    SN Passed Away
11-08 Alexander, Charles  EM3 Passed Away
10-07 Chandler, William  RD1 Passed Away
08-13 Rumsey, Roger  SA Reported Aboard
07-15  Ed Roggenbuck   RM2 Passed Away
07-13 Golstein, Buddy  LTjg Passed Away
06-27 Bunch, Jim   TM3 Reported Aboard
06-20 Solis, Ray    RMSN Passed Away
06-15 O'Neill, James F  ICFN Passed Away
06-15 Tarver, Paul M   RD3 Passed Away
06-14 Dernbach, Terrance  RM3 Reported Aboard
06-11 Lewman, Gary   ET2 Reported Aboard
06-11 Lohr, William   FTG3 Passed Away
06-11 Chadd, Lewis  GMG3 Passed Away
06-11 Kempf, Robert  FTM3 Passed Away
06-10 Menigen, Gerald  GM2 Passed Away
06-10 Heisler, Aubrey  GM2 Passed Away
06-10 Burgess, John  GMG1 Passed Away
06-10 Vankleeck, Jacob  GMGC Passed Away
06-09 Moore, Edward  MM2 Passed Away
06-09 Deck, Bernard  SOGSA Passed Away
06-09 Donkers, Wilfred   SOG3 Passed Away
06-09 Deal, Jerry   SOG3 Passed Away
06-09 Aquilina, Robert   SOG2 Passed Away
06-08 Burnham, David   RD3 Passed Away
06-08 Speciale, Edward   RDSN Passed Away
06-06 Owsianik, Joseph  RD3 Passed Away
06-06 Audano, Francis  RD3 Passed Away
06-05 Rinier, James   BMSN Reported Aboard
06-05 Challender, Albert  SM1 Passed Away
06-04 Karr, Floyd   BM1 Passed Away
06-03 Harmon, Denver  MM2 Passed Away
05-30 Ladaika, Leo   MM2 Reported Aboard
05-28 Gordon, Albert   SN Passed Away
05-26 Bunch, Hugh  MM2 Passed Away
05-26 Joyner, James  MM1 Passed Away
05-26 Mawyer, Richard   MM1 Passed Away
05-26 Melancon, Larry  MM3 Passed Away
05-26 Pichel, Marcelino   Ens Passed Away
05-26 Stevens, Tidal  MM1 Passed Away
05-26 Swing, Kenneth   MMC Passed Away
05-26 Wiles, Jerry Passed Away
05-01 Trainer, Clifford Passed Away
04-27 Stanke, Jer  RM3 Passed Away
04-06 Novaria, Lawrence   SO3 Passed Away
04-01 Beebe, Jim   BM3 Passed Away
03-28 Sanchez, Frank   TMSN Reported Aboard
03-27 Cox, Gerald   Reported Aboard
03-08 Ohmer, Thomas  MM2 Passed Away
02-14 Church, Phillip   LTjg Passed Away
01-17 Vanderwyst, Ron  BT Passed Away
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Medals awarded to shipmates
who served aboard RICH
and other duty stations 
Armed Forces Expeditionary (Lebanon & Cuba)
Cold War Recognition
Combat Action (Vietnam)
Good Conduct
Meritorious Unit Commendation
National Defense Service
Navy Expeditionary
Navy Occupation Service
Navy Reserve
Navy Marksman
Naval Sea Service
Vietnam Campaign
Vietnam Service
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