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 From the Ships Office  

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03-13 $159 + tax!
03-05 Medicare card SCAM
02-26 All Hands Magazine Archive
02-03 Jerry Dunnigan (BMSN 62-65)  Passes
01-28 Shipmate Attends Commissioning
01-25 Hallelujah  (Veteran's Version)
01-16 Shipmates attend TCS Bull Session
01-08 Check out the NEW Ship's Store
01-08 Hoot Gibson... our shipmate Super Star!
12-28  Commissioning  the USS Little Rock
12-24 The Story of "God Bless America"
12-17 Arlington at Christmas
12-15 U. S. Navy 2017 Monthly Pay
12-06 Lowe's Offers Discount
12-04 Not All Thieves are Stupid
11-13 Renewal cards soon going postal
11-07 Sign Up for our 25th Annual Reunion!
10-04 That Ragged Old Flag
10-01 High-speed Hair-pin Turn!
09-19 Hey!  We made the newspaper!
09-20 Coach Teaches Athletes National Anthem
09-13 A Reminder of What We Have
08-10 Drone Wipes Out ISIS Convoy
08-03 Special Delivery for Veterans
07-31 Rich and NASA-- Mercury Project
Newsletter Archive
20 Years Ago Feb 1998

Veteran Information
from CVSO Chuck Weber
03-16 Tricare Options at age 65
03-16 Finding a VA Claims Rep
02-16 Spouses, Dependents and Survivors
02-17 New Medicare Cards
02-17 VA Performance: Steps Taken to Raise
02-09 Lower Cost TRICARE Medicines
02-02 FEDVIP... a new benefits program
02-02 Not a 21 Gun Salute
02-02 SS credit for Active Duty 1957-1967
01-31 Find Out if you qualify for special pension
01-30 Veteran ID Card Issuing Resumes
01-15 Agent Orange Update
01-06 TRICARE Changes Cause Glitch
01-02 Possible Tricare Fee Revision
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Personnel Changes
03-08 Bright, Gordon  BT3 Passed Awau
02-06 Marcello, Robert  S1c Passed Away
02-03 Dunnigan, Jerry  BMSN Passed Away
01-03 Flynn, Thomas J   LTjg Passed Away
01-01 Yessak, Lawrence  LTjg Passed Away
12-29 Dannelly, Edwin   BT3 Passed Away
12-29 Fitzgerald, Randall   RMSA Reported Aboard
12-29 Hutchinson, Virgie  FN Passed Away
12-29 Redden, Ronald   GS2 Reported Aboard
12-29 Harkleroad, James   CS3 Passed Away
12-29 Delgado, Morberto   SN Passed Away
12-29 Minchew, Charles   SN Passed Away
12-29 Engel, Peter D   ETR3 Reported Aboard
12-16 Brantley, Dennis    ETC Passed Away
12-10 Williams, Robert   ADJ3 Passed Away
12-10 Wilkins, Frank  BM2 Passed Away
12-07 Thuillier M Gerard   SN Passed Away
11-28 Reid, Frank L    AN Passed Away
11-27 Aldon, James    Ens Passed Away
11-26 Putnam, Elmer F Reported Aboard
11-26 Liester, Robert    RM2 Passed Away
11-20 Ghilardi, Lawrence   SHSN Reported Aboard
11-20 Scicchitano, Robt L   EMFN Reported Aboard
11-20 Pulver, Robert L   BT3 Reported Aboard
11-20 Campanella, Peter   YNSN Reported Aboard
11-09 Ozvart, Frankie  BT1 Passed Away
11-06 Kauzlarich, Francis   DK2 Reported Aboard

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Condolences to the family of Jerry Dunnigan (BMSN 65-67) who passed on 02 FEB 2018.

Receiving Treatment/On The Mend
(Thoughts and Prayers [TaP] Welcomed)
TaP for Larry Dixon's (RD3 65-67) son who has suffered from a Heart Attack.  02-20 

Update: He has walked up and down stairs, down the hallway and worked with the therapist. His nurse said if he gets the shock vest today, they might release him! His heart is only working at 34% so he has to take it easy. 02-24

Final update: He is home. Still very weak and hasn't gotten his voice back. Compared to where he was 2 week's ago, he is vastly improved. Has been to his heart doctor, and said he is on the road to recovery. Thank you all for your Love, Support  and Prayers. 03-09

Medals awarded to shipmates
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