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Veteran Information

from CVSO Chuck Weber
01-06 Legislation to Benefit Blue Water Navy
12-26 VA Implements New Death Confirmation Policy
12-21 Navy Ratings for 146 Medical Centers Released
12-16 Notes of Interest Dec 1-15
12-14 Ranking of VA Hospitals Nationwide
12-10 VA Will Allow Veterans To Select Burial Sites
10-30 RICH Not on Agent Orange List
10-19 Vet/Retirees  See COLA hike in 2017
08-16 Obtaining Veteran's ID Card
08-10 Veteran Center Video Tour
07-21 Congress Passes VA CoLA
06-25 SignOn to VLER
06-24 Blue Water Sailors Lose Again
06-06 Senior Discounts Update
06-06 2016 Military Handbooks Available
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Personnel Changes
03/17 Wishon, Christopher  SR Reported Aboard
03/17 Fritz, Gerald W   LTjg Reported Aboard
03/17 Tei, Edillo J   SN Reported Aboard
03/10 Cluff, Robert  ET2 Passed Away
03/10 Meyer, Robert  Ljg Passed Away
03/03 Hilliard, Major  BT2  Reported Aboard
03/03 Dilts, Charles H   RM2 Reported Aboard
03/03 Shields, Stephen   ETR3 Reported Aboard
02/26 Losinski, Norman  EN3 Reported Aboard
02/25 Beissel, Ron Sr  RM3 Passed Away
02/20 Robbins, Dale   S2c Passed Away
02/08 Teach, James   BMSN Passed Away
02/08 Stanley Colburn   FN Passed Away
02/08 Maschino, Harry J    FN Passed Away
02/07 Manning, Randall  BMSN Reported Aboard
02/07 Nitsche, Davie B  GMT1 Passed Away
02/07 Slowey, Standley R MMFA Reported Aboard
02/07 Sujdak, Edward J  LCDR Passed Away
02/07 Slocum, Kenneth   FTGSN Reported Aboard
02/07 Van Horn, Wm C  BT3 Passed Away
02/07 Turino, Robert  BT3 Passed Away
02/07 Wall, Burleigh G  FN Reported Aboard
02/07 Wingard, Wayne A  QM3 Reported Aboard
02/07 Daniels, Samuel S  BT3 Passed Away
02/07 Loomis, Andrew F   LTjg Passed Away
02/07 Stinger, Norman J  STG3 Reported Aboard
02/05 Gathen, James C  STG3 Reported Aboard
02/04 Krueger, Douglas  HM3 Passed Away
02/02 Heuftis, Jan   ETNSN Reported Aboard
01/31 Rainey, Lewis Reported Aboard
01/31 Santos, Efren   SKSA Reported Aboard
01/31 Teach, James  BMSN Passed Away
01/30 Wasniewski, Emil F  LCDR Passed Away
01/30 Clark, Cecil   CDR Passed Away
01/30 Jenkins, Charles W  CDR Passed Away
01/30 Medina, Henry M  DK1 Passed Away
01/30 Ladyman, Thomas  BT3 Reported Aboard
01/30 Calvin, Lemont  RM2 Reported Aboard
01/30 Becovitz, Louis  ENT3 Reported Aboard
01/30 Saradpon, Valeroso  MS2 Reported Aboard
01/30 Seasock, Dennis   BT2 Reported Aboard
01/28 Hopwood, Melvin  SN Passed Away
01/27 Nitsche, David  GMT1 Passed Awat
01/26 Long, Fred  SK3 Passed Away
01/19 Cortese. Kenneth  MM3 Reported Aboard
01/09 Hess, Randell   ENFN Reported Aboard
01/09 Laranang, Larry    MS2 Reported Aboard
01/09 Marcinko, Thomas  EMFN Reported Aboard
01/03 Desgrange, Chas D  BTFA Reported Aboard
01/03 Alston, Don H   FN Reported Aboard
01/03 Bell, Malcomb L   MMFN Reported Aboard
01/03 Grubb, Jacob R GM Reported Aboard
01/03 Feldhahn, Wm A Jr Passed Away

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Condolences to wife Christine and family in the passing of shipmate Dale Robbins on 19 Feb 17

Receiving Treatment/On The Mend
(Prayers Welcomed)
Thoughts and prayers for Ed Driscoll (EMFN 53-56) for treatment and recovery of health issues. 03-08)

Thoughts and prayers for Elmer Morales (EM2 55-58) for treatment and recover of health issues. 

Thoughts and prayers for shipmate Joe Rubino (GM3 54-58) for treatment and recovery of cancer.  03-04

Thoughts and prayers for shipmate Joe Franchetta (FN 55-57) on treatment and recovery from a broken ankle and hip.  02-28

Prayer Request. Shipmate David Ray (BM3 64-66) is in the hospital as a result of a heart attack .
Update: David is at home and doing well.  02-24

Thoughts and prayers for William Yocum, (MMC 63-67) Heart surgery and recovery.  
Update: Bill is at home and doing well.  03-08

Thoughts and prayers for Jim Wheeler (SH3 1950-53) dealing with health issues.


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