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4-11 VA:  Find your Shipmate Buddy
3-19 VA: Urgent Care Services
2-24               Veterans Crisis Line    988  then 1 
1-24  VA: Financial Freedom - Wed 17th 1pm EST
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11/11 A Tribute to Veterans
11/07 Navy Week Information
10-31 Million Veteran Program
09-29 IF there is a shutdown...
09-10  Capt. Edward Whelan Passes
08-19 National Assn Destroyer Vets Reunion
07-13 Interesting Details
06-03 Nice Presentation
05-25 200 VA Memorial Daby Obsetvances
05-21 Reunion Attendees Listing
04-02 VA: You May Qualify for Disability Benefits
03-23 It'l Make Him Cry
02-12 For Vietnam Shipmates
01-23 Display the Flag properly and proudly
01-11 Fond Memories
820 Newsletter Archive Available to Members
Veteran Information 2024-2023
from CVSO Chuck Weber
01-04 Top Veteran Resources of the Year
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10/31 Veteran Day Discounts znd other benefits
08-18 Veteran-Retiree Survivor Checklist
01-19 VA app achieves 1Million downloads
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Personnel Changes 2024-23
05/24 Mozier, Richard A  Capt Passed Away
05-23 Cowperthwait, Charles  MM3 Passed Away
05-02 Ogden, George A   FN Passed Away
01-29 Bailey, Wayne  SN Passed Away
01-29 Orlowski, Ron   EM3 Passed Away
01-13 Timblin, Randall L   ET1 Passed Away
12-26 Wilcock, Robert   BT2 Passed Away
11-21 Aldridge, Ralph  STG2 Passed Away
10-10 Dahlstrom, Baesley (Lee) MRFN Passed Away
10-04 Whelan, Edward C  CDR Passed Away
08-02 Ericson, Robert SFM3 Passed Away
06-05 Tubbs, Charles  RMC Passed Away
05-16 McCaffree, BC  LCDR Passed Away
04-06 Parks, Whit   RD3 Passed Away
03-07 Bumpass, Charley  EMP3 Passed Away
03-07 Ray, John E  GMG2 Passed Away
03-07 Klemick, Ronald  Ltjg Passed Away
02-07 Hogge, Lonnie  SM1 Passed Away
02-09 Fields, Robert W  RDSN Passed Away
12-25 Himes, Carl SK3 Passed Away
11-30 Testo, Michael  OS3 Passed Away
09-21 Compher, Sam  PC3 Passed Away
08-11 McCall, Robert  EM3 Passed Away
07-16 Rockwell, Fred Sc1 Passed Away
06-27 Gross, William  BT3 Passed Away
05-01 Handly, Donald  PC3 Passed Away
05-24 Bishop, Ronald   LTjg Passed Away
04-19 Hineland, Dwayne  IC3 Passed Away
03-20 Weiss, Howard R  Ens Passed Away
03-17 Morgan, Tommie GMG2 Passed Away
02-19 Carpenter, Paul D DC3 Passed Away
02-20 Bricker, Charles BM3 Passed Away
01-27 Welker, James D Passed Away
01-17 Yocum, William  MMC Passed Away
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Medals awarded to shipmates
who served aboard RICH
and other duty stations 
Armed Forces Expeditionary (Lebanon & Cuba)
Cold War Recognition
Combat Action (Vietnam)
Good Conduct
Meritorious Unit Commendation
National Defense Service
Navy Expeditionary
Navy Occupation Service
Navy Reserve
Navy Marksman
Naval Sea Service
Vietnam Campaign
Vietnam Service
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