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Veteran Information

from CVSO Chuck Weber
05-11 Protect your family with VA Insurance
04-05 Determine Eligibility for VA Cemetery
01-06 Legislation to Benefit Blue Water Navy
12-26 VA Implements New Death Confirmation Policy
12-21 Navy Ratings for 146 Medical Centers Released
12-16 Notes of Interest Dec 1-15
12-14 Ranking of VA Hospitals Nationwide
12-10 VA Will Allow Veterans To Select Burial Sites
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Personnel Changes
05-23 Dinoso, Arturo TN Reported Aboard
05-23 Meddock, Robert  RM2 Passed Away
05-23 Winward, Leonard   BT1 Passed Away
05-23 Jackson, Perry  LCDR Passed Away
05-23 Musgrave, Richard   SN Reported Aboard
05-23 Butler, McKinley   Passed Away
05-23 Fiorino, Stephen    PB2 Reported Aboard
05-22 Wheeler, Jim  SH3 Passed Away
05-21 Barilla, Joseph  BT2 Passed Away
05-10 Torres, Herminio  SD1 Reported Aboard
05-10 Duckworth, John  RD3 Reported Aboard
05-10 Gilbert, Earl  MM1 Passed Away
05-10 Hamilton, Roy  RD1 Passed Away
05-10 Creasy, Donald  SD3 Reported Aboard
05-10 Gerald, Frank  MM3 Reported Aboard
05-10 Hareld, Charles  BMSN Reported Aboard
05-10 Rose, Robert   MMFN Reported Aboard
05-10 Swanson, Carl  SM1 Passed Away
04-25 Buckner, Howard  BT1 Passed Away
04-25 Evangelista, Luciano SD1 Passed Away
04-25 Gutierrez, Orlando SD2 Reported Aboard
04-25 Joiner, Thomas MMC(SS) Passed Away
04-25 Jones, Wade A  MMCM Passed Away
04-25 Kleinschmidt, Jack SH3 Passed Away
04-25 Maraugha, Robert  EM1 Reported Aboard
04-14 Austin, Ronald A  EM3 Reported Aboard
04-14 Boysen, Graham  BM1 Passed Away
04-14 Buxbaum, Charles CS1 Passed Away
04-14 Chavez, Cipriano  TN3 Reported Aboard
04-14 Jutte, Thomas E  MM2 Reported Aboard
04-14 Patrick, Lawrence  BTFA Reported Aboard
04-14 Rudd, Jerald T   TN Passed Away
04/04 Palmer, Harry   FA Passed Away
04/04 Grammont, Brian  FA Passed Away
03/30 Dunsmore, Wm T  CSC Passed Away
03/30 Hinnant, Leon J   HT1 Passed Away
03/30 Herek, Raymond L   MME Passed Away
03/30 Mellinger, Robert   GMG2 Passed Away
03/28 Ellison, Gary J  LTjg Reported Aboard
03/28 Garris, Furman SH1 Passed Away
03/28 Harris, Paul S  RM1 Passed Away
03/28 Miller, Tim J  BM2 Passed Away
03/28 Berry, Ted R  MM2 Passed Away
03/28 Reeder, Guye R  MMC Reported Aboard
03/17 Wishon, Christopher  SR Reported Aboard
03/17 Fritz, Gerald W   LTjg Reported Aboard
03/17 Tei, Edillo J   SN Reported Aboard
03/10 Cluff, Robert  ET2 Passed Away
03/10 Meyer, Robert  Ljg Passed Away
03/03 Hilliard, Major  BT2  Reported Aboard
03/03 Dilts, Charles H   RM2 Reported Aboard
03/03 Shields, Stephen   ETR3 Reported Aboard

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Condolences to the family of Jim Wheeler (SH3 50-53) who passed away.  05-21

Condolences to the family of  Joseph Barilla (BT2 65-68) who passed away.   05-20

Receiving Treatment/On The Mend
(Thoughts and Prayers [TaP] Welcomed)
TaP- Edward Whelan (CO 67-79) for recovery of recent surgery  05-23

TaP-Dave & Mary Ann Evans
health issues.  05-01

(RD1 47-51) & Marge Chandler health issues.   05-01

Tap-Rowland (RM3 68-68) & Jackie Priddy recovering from auto accident enroute to reunion. 05-01

TaP-Jerry Dunnigan (BMSN 65-67) recovering health issues. 05-01 

TaP-Joe Franchetta (FN 55-57) recovering from broken hip + foot. 04-00 

TaP- Ed Driscoll (EMFN 53-56) for treatment and recovery of health issues.

TaP- Elmer Morales (EM2 55-58) for treatment and recover of health issues. 

TaP- Joe Rubino (GM3 54-58) for treatment and recovery of cancer.  03-04

 Please let us know if we're missing anyone!

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                          Regular Contributors to this site and the
820 Newsletter: 
                 Marge Chandler, Joan Cochrane, Larry Dixon, Jerry Dunnigan,
                       Dave Evans, Steve Henry, Chuck Weber and Cathy Wilson.








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