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 From the Ships Office  

07-21 "Why I Stand"        contributed by Buck Kilmer ETN3SS 65-66
07-15 Best Commercial Ever
07-11 'Under Review' for Refusinge to Stand
07-09 All about Jeeps!
07-01 Life aboard a CVN
06-19 Surrender on IOWA
06-11 Cannot Locate... Need Help!
05-29 We Are Americans   (via Bob Basnight STG2 68-71)
05-23 Remembering our Deceased Shipmates
05-15 Epilogue of the Reunion (You had to be there)
05-14 Familiar Faces from the Fifties
05-17 All About Submarines   Ron Orlowski (EM3 59-62)
05-14 The Navy's probe into sky penis
05-03 Five Alarming facts about Passwords 
04-28 Blue Water Navy: Two  Important Links
MOAA Link One MOAA Link Two
04-11 Protection from Ransomware
04-10 Six Boys and 13 Hands
03-29 Veteran Charity Shut Down
03-09 Con Watch: Automobile Recall Scams
03-06 Navigating the new
03-01 Problem with the VA? Call the White House!
Veteran Information 2019
from CVSO Chuck Weber
08-01 August News Bites
07-13 AO/BW Claims Effective Jan 1, 2020
03-01 VA Appeals Modernization Act
02-15 Blue Water Claims Update
01-30 Breaking [Good] News for Vietnam Vets
01-02 Vietnam Blue Water Vets Set Adrift
01-02 Robo Call - Do Not Call List
10-22 State Benefits for Veterans
10-16 TriCare Dental+Vision Insurance Coming
10-12 COLA 2019 Announced
10-05 Now is the time, shipmates!
09-26 SecVA Wilkie: Watch & Talk this Thursday
09-19 VA Supports Caregivers Too
09-11 Urge Senate to Approve Agent Orange Reform!
09-01 Terminology Origins
09-01 NDAA Benefits + VA Mission
08-31 Assisted Living/Home Health Care Options
07-28 Action on Fraudulent Veteran Charities
07-27 Notes: Tricare/Agent Orange /VA Secretary
07-26 Just a few clicks to VA Health Care
07-13 Agent Orange Vets: It's getting close!
07-01 Agent Orange Vets:  Contact your Senator!
06-14 Considering Burial in a VA Cemetery?
    ...More Articles
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Personnel Changes 2019
08-18 Underkoffler Gary  YNSN Reported Aboard
08-18 Mariedth, Sidney  FN Passed Away
08-15 Howard, Gary   FN Reported Aboard
08-15 Howard, Jerry   FN Reported Aboard
08-09 Flaherty, Robert  SN Reported Aboard
08-03 Keeley, Charles  YN3 Reported Aboard
07-22 Schramm, Paul J  ENT3 Reported Aboard
07-22 Ritzhaupt, Nicholas  SN Passed Away
07-18 Love, Arthur  SD3 Passed Away
07-18 Pigott, Thomas  FN Passed Away
07-17 Simms, Terrance  FN Passed Away
07-15 Peterson, Elbert   RD3 Passed Away
07-12 Breitenbecker, David ST3 Reported Aboard
07-12 Kuntz, Ronald   SFM3 Reported Aboard
07-12 Santana, Frank  SN Passed Away
07-12 Stannard, Bruce   SN Passed Away
07-08 Hamilton, Lee Roy  GMG2 Passed Away
07-05 Byrum, Lynn  DK3 Passed Away
07-05 Hopkins, Paul  SN Passed Away
07-02 Ware, Charles  RD3 Reported Aboard
06-23 Treacy, Gary  ATR2 Reported Aboard
06-23 Reardon, Martin  FN Reported Aboard
06-21 Fleetwood, Paul   MM2 Reported Aboard
06-20 Rumsey, Roger  SA Passed Away
06-20 Mazzoccoli, John  RM2 Passed Away
06-18 Bush, Oliver Jr   BT1 Passed Away
06-17 Martin, Ramon L  MM2 Passed Away
06-17 Hughes, Roy D    BM1 Passed Away
06-14 Bosket, George W   BT1 Passed Away
06-14 Wieder, David C   IC2 Passed Away

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Medals awarded to shipmates
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Combat Action (Vietnam)
Good Conduct
Meritorious Unit Commendation
National Defense Service
Navy Expeditionary
Navy Occupation Service
Navy Reserve
Navy Marksman
Naval Sea Service
Vietnam Campaign
Vietnam Service
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