24th Annual Ship's Company Reunion
Ligonier Live WebCam Google Earth View
51 miles E-SE of Pittsburgh PA

Banner on the Square!

What a time everyone had!
USS Rich shipmates... the little tin can crew that could.  And still does. Yup, we still know how to party and have a great time!

128 shipmates, wives and guests gathered in Ligonier, PA, a quaint little town filled with friendly residents made our stay very pleasant.  This year we had five "First Timers" who were made to feel welcome and are likely to continue to attend annual reunions.

Our hosts, EMCM Paul Angelicchio and wife Karen along with their Reunion Assist Team did a superb job in providing all the aspects of making the event successful.

With all reports in, everyone who made the trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, Quecreek Mine Memorial, Flight 93 Memorial and Fort Ligonier were delighted.  (And some, worn-out after the long day.)

This year, we were honored to "Pipe Aboard" our two attending Plank Owners, Ed Roggenbuck and Fred Rockwell and they, in turn, were provided "Special Recognition" plaques.  
2017 Reunion Assist Team
Paul & Karen Angelicchio, Hosts
  Patricia Bandomir
Carol Barner
Bob Cochrane
Sam Compher
Pam Compher
Larry Dixon

H Barry Smith
Marshall K DuBois
Larry Halloran
Don Hogg
Dick Keoniger
Gary Medlin
Fred Rockwell

Jeanine Maniscalco
Warren Sipos
Jim Svec
Carolyn Svec
Susie Szabo
Catherine Wilson
Gary Wilson
Ray Zimmerman

Jimmy Carroll
Who Attended                                   Reunion  Photos

 If you have reunion photos to share, please contact the shipsoffice@ussrich.org          

"You'd have to go a long way to enjoy the excellent service you'll receive at the Ramada Ligonier!"
1940's Crew Members 
1950's Crew Members  
1960's Crew Members  
1970's Crew Members  
Photography by Jeanine Maniscalco 

Your Hosts...

Paul & Karen Angelicchio


                             Bravo Zulu Master Chief and Karen! 
Who Attended


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If you're looking for a delicious meal, head over to the

The broasted chicken is incredible!

           Who Attended
Alexander Charles L EM3 65-67  
Angelicchio Paul EM3 76-77 Karen
Aube Noel GMG2 72-75  
Bandomir Patricia   Assoc  
Barilla Joseph BT2 65-68 Bonnie
Barner Carole   Assoc Daughter & S-i-L Corey & John Merva
Beeman L.E. MM2 55-59  
Bulson Robert SK3 55-57 Sylvia
Carpenter Paul DC3 56-58  
Carroll James MM3 65-67 Karen
Chester Jim LTjg 66-69 Jo Ann Mauro
Clauss Jerre RD2 60-62 Arlene
Cochrane Robert EM3 54-56 Joan
Compher Samuel PC3 67-68 Pamela
Courtemanche Wayne RM2 71-73  
Decandia Domenic MM3 58-61 Joan
Dixon Larry RD3 65-67 Fay
Driscoll Edward EMFN 53-56  
DuBois Marshall K SH2 62-66  
        Niece Lora DuBois
      Niece Debbie DuBois Patterson
      Niece Lisa DuBois Snead
Fledderman Mark EM2 62-65 Joann
Givens Donald RM2 70-73 Karen
Guy James D. SH3 72-73 Karan
Halloran Larry RD3 66-68 Pat
Hebb Jr Lawson FT3 49-52 Susanne
Himes Carl SK3 60-62 Elaine
Hineland Dwayne IC3 56-58 Reva
Hogg Don BM3 62-64 Bonnie
Ingham Larry RM3 1968 Andrea
Kilmer George (Buck) ETN3SS 65-66 Linda
Klimek John BMSN 66-68  
Koeniger Dick SN 59-61  
Maniscalco Louis RD3 64-66 Jeanine
Medlin Gary SK2 69-71  
Morales Elmer EM3 55-58 Iris
        Son Keith Morales
        Daughter Yvette Morales Cavanaugh
Moyer Dennis SF2 63-67 Elvira
Murphy Jeffery MM2 68-71 Roberta
Ortiz Leonardo TM3 63-65 Sister Nilda Oritz, Daughter Myrnai Ortiz
Pickard James STG3 63-65 Frances
Radziewicz William BT2 67-70  
Rattoballi James SM3 63-65 Maureen
Ray David BM3 64-66 Louise
Rockwell Fred S1c 46-48 Elizabeth
        Daughter Caroline
Romanino Otto BT3 54-56  
Roggenbuck Ed FM2 46-48 Bessie
Roggenbuck       Daughters Marsha Garza, Susan Fritz
Scudder John MM2 74-77  
Sipos Warren RM3 67-70
Skillen Johnny BMSN 64-66 Kay
Smith H Barry BM3 64-65 Carolyn
Snyder Gary BT2 63-67 Sheila
Stivison Kenneth MMFN 68-70 Son Steven
Svec James PN3 59-62 Carolyn
Szabo John SOGSN 61-61 Susie
Taylor Daryl MM3 76-77 Yvette
Taylor Kenneth EN1 67-68 Mary
Tomasi Nick SHSN 63-65 Kathy
Trovato Douglas SH3 65-67 Theda Foreman
Tubbs Charles RMC 75-77 Lois
Villi Vincent D EM3 69-71  
Weber Chuck LTjg 76-77 Cathy
Williams Bob TM3 65-68 Lucille
Wilson Gary SHSN 60-62 Catherine
Wolfinger Carlton YN3 62-62  
Yocum William MMC 63-67 Joyce
Zimmerman Raymond E MMFN 71-74  
Indicates 1st Timer... Welcome!      
Missed by all this year
Chandler William RD1 47-51 Margaret
Dunnigan Jerry BMSN 65-67 Deb
Evans Dave BT2 58-62 Mary Ann
Franchetta Joe FN 55-57  
Gross Bill BT3 65-67 Anne
McCall Robert EM3 70-73  
Orthouse Delton GMM3 63-67 Mary
Priddy Roland RM3 68-68 Jackie