25th Annual Ship's Company Reunion

! $159 + tax !

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Your Hosts...

Johnny & Kay Skillen



Who's Coming


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Press Release

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    Whose Coming...  
Last First Rate Tour Guest
Aube Noel GMG2 72-75  
Bandomir Patricia Assoc    
Beeman L E MM2 55-59  
Carroll James MM3 65-67 Karen
Chester Jim LTjg 66-69 Jo Ann Mauro
Clauss Jerre RD2 60-62 Arlene
Compher Samuel PC3 67-68 Pamela
DeCandia Domenic MM3 57-61 Joan
Dixon Larry RD3 65-67 Fay
DuBois Marshall SH2 62-66  
DuBois Debbie Patterson Lora DuBois Lisa Snead
Evans David BT2 58-62 Mary Ann
Fledderman Mark EM2 62-65 Joann
Givens Donald RM2 70-73 Karen
Gross William BT3 65-67 Annie
Gurley Dale BT2 61-63 Glenda Wallace
Guy James SH3 72-73 Karen
Hake Donald SH2 59-62 Maureen
Halloran Larry RD3 66-68 Pat
Hebb Lawson FT3 49-52 Sue
Henry Steven LTjg 67-70 Barbara
Himes Carl SK2 60-62 Elaine
Hogg Don BM3 62-64 Bonnie
Ingham Larry RM3 68-69 Andrea
Jones Jerry BM2 62-66 Judy
Ketcham John F GMG2 67-70 Joanna
Koeniger Richard SN 59-61  
Moyer Dennis SF2 63-67 Elvira
Murphy Jeffery MM2 68-71 Roberta
Orthouse Delton GMM3 63-67 Mary
Ortiz Leonardo TM3 63-65 Nilda
Paxton Edwin EM3 66-69  
Pickard James STG3 63-65 Frances
Priddy Roland RM3 68-68 Jackie
Rattoballi James SM3 63-65 Maureen
Scudder John MM2 74-77  
Skillen Johnny BMSN 64-66 Kay
Smith Barry BM3 62-65 Carolyn
Snyder Gary BT2 63-67 Sheila
Svec James PN3 59-62 Carolyn
Szabo John SOGSN 61-61 Susie
Vaitekunas Felix LTjg 65-67 Jeanne
Wheeler Joann Assoc    
Wilson Gary SHSN 60-62 Catherine
Wolfinger Carlton YN3 61-62 Kathy Landis


























 If you are coming to the reunion and have reserved your room at the Wyndham, you need not to read further.

On April 15th, the room price will increase to $159 + tax per night.
You can avoid this cost increase by calling the hotel NOW and reserve your room.