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Shipmates Found - Group One - April 2012
At the 2011 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized for shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.  Not surprisingly, he fulfilled our request smartly.
1 4/13/2012 Bischoff, James Bernard Located in Edgewood, KY.  He welcomes news of the Rich.  He boarded as an SA in 5/64 and went on to become a corpsman striker.  He enjoyed his tour of duty.
2 4/13/2012 Cupack, Darryl Raymond Located in Westfield, MA.  He welcomes news from the Rich.  He also spoke fondly of Capt. Reidiger and is very interested in attending the New London, CT reunion in 2013 as he is a short distance away
3 4/13/2012 Reidiger, John R. CDR John R. Riediger, USN (Ret.) passed away on 06/30/08.  He was 92 years of age.
4 4/16/2012 Benepe, John Westley Is located in San Diego, CA.  He served over 22 years, retiring as CDR.  He commanded the USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16.  He also received his PHD in 1970. 
5 4/16/2012 Chase, Eugene Darrow Eugene dies on 05/22/1995 at Wheaton, IL.
6 4/16/2012 Colbath, David Forest Located in Meredith, NH. He is well and still working at 68. 
7 4/16/2012 Eggleston, Donald Joseph Located in Vestal, NY.  Donald is a retired LCDR in the reserves.
8 4/16/2012 Gambacorta, F. Michael Located in Smithfield, VA.
9 4/16/2012 Kodis, Charles John Jr Charles died of a brain aneurysm on 06/21/1990.
10 4/16/2012 Lowrance, Neal David Located in  Greensboro, NC.  He is a Newport ROTC graduate.  He service a 4 year hitch and left the Navy.  He welcomes news of the Rich.
11 4/16/2012 Peace, William Henry III William died on 09/12/2000 at Tucker, GA. 
12 4/16/2012 Wasniewski, Emil Francis Located in Longwood, FL.  He went on to make CDR and captained the USS Greene DD-711.  He recalls the FRAM effort which he led and turned over command to CDR Riediger upon completion. He sounds in great health for any 84 year old shipmate.
13 4/17/2012 Baxter, Algie Algie died in 07/1974 at the young age of 30
14 4/17/2012 Billington, Richard H. Richard died in March 1979 at the age of 34 at Riga, MI.
15 4/17/2012 Farmer, Michael James Located in New York, NY 10028. 
16 4/17/2012 Gallant, Ted Located in Canal Winchester, OH.  He welcomes news of the Rich.
17 4/18/2012 Calabria, Richard Anthony  Rick is located in Coral Springs, FL.  He left the Rich to attend Corpsman School and sounds very interested in Rich news.
18 4/18/2012 Drefhall, Thomas A Tom died on 08/15/2004 in Nashville, TN. 
19 4/18/2012 Fitch, Douglas Thomas  Doug passed on 04/20/2000 in Lake Villa, IL.
20 4/18/2012 Hall Jr, Yancey Norville   Yancey is located in Grand Bay, AL.   He sounded very interested in Rich news.
21 4/20/2012 Hershey, Robert Leroy Robert is located in Fife Lake, MI.  He is very interested in receiving Rich news.
22 4/20/2012 Jennis, Vernod Vernod is located in Denver, CO.  He is dealing a with a service connected health issue and welcomes news from the Rich.
23 4/20/2012 Lacaskey Jr, John John died on 09/28/2006 at Rockledge, FL.
24 4/20/2012 Lavigne, Raymond D Raymond passed on 01/02/2010 in MA.  He is interred at the Mass Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam, MA.  His marker reads SN US Navy – Vietnam.  The obit invited memorial donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.
25 4/20/2012 Markee, Rodney Edward   Rodney passed away on 02/28/1999 in Maine.   He is interred at the Pine Grove Cemetery in Waterville, ME.  His marker reads SN US Navy – Vietnam.
26 4/20/2012 May, William Charles William is located in Helotes, TX.  He welcomes Rich news and is familiar with the website.  He is an OH native and was a helmsman aboard ship.
27 4/23/2012 Abshire, Clifford James Clifford is located in Beaumont, TX. He went on to serve 20 years, retiring in 1978 as GMC. 
28 4/23/2012 Kenney, Carl Benard

Carl died on 10/21/2008.   He is interred at the Quantico National Cemetery in Triangle, VA.  His marker reads “SR – U.S. Navy – Vietnam.

29 4/23/2012 Kirkland, Dale Thomas
Dale passed in 1978 at Summit/Akron, Ohio at 35 years of age. 
30 4/23/2012 Mattocks, John David John is located in Virginia Beach, VA.  He became a Radarman and recalls Capt. Reidiger who he bumped into some years ago in VA Beach.  He was saddened to learn of his passing in 2008.
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