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Shipmates Found - Group Twelve - January 2015
The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.   The search continues!
  1/10/2015 Sanderson, Virgil Virgil (SK1) came aboard 1/16/1963 and stayed until 1965. He is located in Roanoke, IL.  He went on to serve 20 years 17 of which were at sea on seven ships principally DD's and one sea going tug boat. He retired as SKC. Still working at age 82.
  1/10/2015 Munier, Lawrence Munier Larry (FTG3) boarded on 8/4/1962 and stayed for a couple of years. He is located in Ocala, FL.
  1/10/2015 Parson, Francis Joseph Frank (SN) has never really left the Navy as he still lives on a boat near Philadelphia, PA.  He boarded on 3/19/1966. We hope to find him a mooring slip for the 2015 Norfolk Ship's Company Reunion.
McGrady, Ronald Douglas Ron (FA) boarded on 9/5/1963. He suffered a stroke in 2008.  Ron is located in Calhoun, GA. He would enjoy receiving Rich news.
  6/17/2015 Chlebda, C Christopher Chris (BMSN) boarded in 1973.  He lives in White Hall, MD
  7/2/2015 Lingo, Michael M Michael died on 9/15/1997 at Tarrant, TX.  No interment info available.
  7/2/2015 Lingo, Patrick M Patrick died in March, 1994 at Tarrant, Tx. He is interred in the Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth, TX.
  7/2/2015 Brown, John Bazter John (SA), boarded on 1/5/1973. He lives in Loris, SC. He left the Rich when she transferred to Phila. He went to the CG10 Albany to finish his hitch. He went on the NC State and worked in Law Enforcement for 30 years before retiring.
  7/4/2015 Stepp, Oliver Wendell

Oliver, MMFA lived in Huntington, WV. Sadly, he passed away 2/9/2014.

  7/9/2015 Jannett, Robert W Robert W Jannett (BTFA) , passed away on Wednesday, 5/28/2014 at his residence in Hoylton, KY.
  7/9/2015 Morton, Jerry Dale Jerry Dale Morton (MM3) of Friendswood, TX passed away on 1/31/2010 following a 7 year battle with Cancer.
1 3/13/2015 Guy, Donald James "Don" is located in Kingston, OK. Although a Ships Serviceman aboard RICH, his civilian career is in the oil fields of Oklahoma.
2 3/13/2015 Needle, George Peter George (HFTN) was born 6/29/1952 in NY and died on 7/13/2001 at age 49. George reported aboard on 12/2/1971.
3 3/13/2015 Negin, Alan Edward Alan (SN) reported aboard in October, 1971.
4 8/25/2015 Eiben, James M James (TM3) is a practicing dentist. He is located in Pittsburgh, PA.
5 8/26/2015 McClary, David M David (MM3) is located in Hamilton, OH. He came aboard on 6/21/72 as MM3 and served 20 years and retiring MM1.
6 8/27/2015 Underberg, Paul B Paul (SA) boarded on 1/6/73 as a SA while RICH was deployed in Vietnam. He is located in Tampa, FL.
7 8/28/2015 Evans, Delward L Delward (FA) reported on 3/24/73 as a FA. He is located in Chicago, IL.
8 8/29/2015 Hannah, Harry D

Harry(SA) was born 7/31/1952 and died on 8/5/1996 at Leavenworth, KS.  His widow is Vickie Darlene Harrell.

9 9/1/2015 Snider, John Bernard John (SN) reportedted aboard as a SN on 8/11/1971 and likely spent a bit of time on the Deck Force as Lila his widow states he spent much time painting and then became a cook (Commissaryman in those days). He did a tour being a bartender in the Guantanamo Bay Officers Club. He served a four year hitch. John passed away May 18, 2013.
10 9/1/2015 Houser, Ansel Ansel (SN) reported board on 1/2/6/1973. He was born 09/18/1949 in NC and died April 5, 2011.
11 9/1/2015 Pearson, Bennie Lee Bennie (FN) reported aboard on 5/10/1972 and made EN3 before leaving RICH and went on to serve 22 years. He changed his rate to GSM (Gas Turbine System Tech (Mechanical) and rose to CPO. He resides in Virginia Beach, VA and anxious to contact former shipmates.
12 9/1/2015 Molden, Charles Lonnie “Lonnie (FNHT)” reported aboard on 9/4/1971 and is located in Moss Point, MS. (Bennie Pearson provided the clue which enabling him being found.
13 9/1/2015 Smith, Herley Eugene “Gene” (FN) is located in Lambsburg, VA. He reported aboard on 8/12/1971.
14 9/1/2015 Woytowish, Michael W Michael (MR2) boarded as MR3 on 4/7/1973 and left in 1975 as MR2 while in Philadelphia. He is located in Elderton, PA. 15736.
15 9/9/2015 Bronner, Paul Everette Jr Paul (SA) was born 6/25/1953 and died on 6/16/2010 at Lakewood, NJ. He arrived aboard on 10/2/72 as a SA.
16 9/9/2015 Crisler, Raymond Lewis Raymond (GMSN) reported aboard as a SN(GM) on 9/30/72. He was a 2 year reservist. He is in Riverview, FL. He is in good health and retired.
17 9/9/2015 Delahanty, Lawrence M Lawrence (MM3) is located in Yorktown Heights, NY. He boarded on 9/24/1972 as a FA and left a year later as MM3.  He is currently employed at Modells Sporting Goods in New York, NY
18 9/9/2015 Manely, David Joseph

David (BT3) of Virginia, MN reported aboard on 07/14/72.  He died Saturday, 09/27/14 at St Raphael’s Health and Rehabilitation Center in Eveleth.  He was born on 07/20/53, and graduated from the Roosevelt High School and Eveleth Technical College.  David worked as a maintenance mechanic for Eveleth Taconite.  He was a US Navy combat veteran of the Vietnam War.

19 9/9/2015 Glover, Earl J Earl (EM2) was born 01/05/52 and died on 01/07/04 and is interred in the South Park Cemetery, Pearland, TX. His markers reads EM2 US Navy Vietnam. He boarded on 11/13/1971.
20 9/9/2015 Long, Paul Jennings Paul (PN3) is located in Rutherfordtown, NC. He boarded on 09/25/72. His father served 30years and retired as Chief Air Controlman.
21 9/9/2015 Wardlow, Ross C Ross (RMSN)  apparently moved to Ireland after leaving the Navy.  He passed on 03/15/08 in Derry, Ireland at age 57.
22 9/18/2015 McCullough, Simon Simon (BT3) reported aboard on 5/15/1972 from duty on the LST USS Newport. He is located in Sabinsville, PA. He served 4 years and just recently retired from his civilian job. Being a BT prepared him for a good career in the energy field.
23 9/19/2015 Moss, James Clifford James (BMSN) arrived on 1/2/1973 while the Rich was in the Philippines. He is still working but soon to retire. He is located in Moville, IA .
24 9/20/2015 Schweich, Cary A Cary (CS2) requested no personal information be published.
25 9/21/2015 Lackey, Terry Grant Terry (SN) is located in Gastonia, NC and boarded on 11/9/1970 as a SN.
26 9/22/2015 Eairheart, Robert E Robert (CS2) is located in Venice, FL. He boarded on 8/8/1970 as a CS2 ad left in 1973. He welcomes Rich news and will visit the website for shipmates.
27 9/23/2015 Perry, Vincent W Vincent (SM3) is in Fremont, NE 68025. He’ll view the website looking for shipmates and welcomes Rich news. He boarded on 7/13/1970.
28 9/28/2015 Buckler, Chris Michael Chris (FA) was born 12/10/1953 in NY and died on 12/21/1994. Last known address was Mount Vernon, NY. He boarded on 4/19/1972.
29 9/28/2015 Farwell, Malcolm Malcolm (FA) lives in St. Louis, MO. He is a retired trucker but still works part time. Looking for other Rich shipmates. He boarded on 5/10/1972 and departed in 1974 as MMFN.
30 10/29/2015 Guyse, Roger L

 Roger is located in Conehatta, MS.  He boarded on 7/31/1972 and left as a SN(FC) in 1973.  He went on to work as a meat inspector for the US government, retiring at 55.

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