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Shipmates Found - Group Four - July, August 2013
At the 2013 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized for shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.  
1 06/17/13

Grubb, Jacob Roscoe

(1) Jacob is located in Bensalem, PA.  He initially was a Gunners Mate but switched rates to Military Police and retired as a MP1 after 32 years.  This mate spent 3 years in Vietnam aboard river patrol boats. 
2 06/17/13 Giammarinaro, Michael A. (2) Michael is located in Leland, NC.  His email is mgiamm02-at-ec.rr.com  In June 1975 he was a MS3.  He awaits news of the Rich.
3 06/17/13 Alden, James A. Alden (3) This shipmate is located in Fallston, MD.  In June 1975 he was an Ensign who went on to serve 5 years active duty and then went to the Reserves achieving the rank of Commander. 
4 07/11/13 Pettersen, Askel N. (4) Aksel was born on 01/17/56 and died on 06/03/12 at the age of 56.
5 07/11/13

Wibben, Lawrence E.

(5) Lawrence is located in Tulsa, OK. (lewib9355-at-aol.com)  He is a retired SKCS serving 1964-1989.  He came aboard RICH on 06/30/75 as a SK2.  He recalls shipmate SK Ralph Thomas Chase who he would like to contact.

6 07/15/13 Chase, Ralph Thomas (6) Ralph is located in Lake Milton, OH.  He was mentioned to the searcher by Lawrence Wibben also recently found and he got lucky in finding him with little to go on.  He is a retired SKC. 
7 07/15/13 Dummit, Ronald

(7) Ron entered the Navy in 1960 having been born 9n 1943.  He was a BT3 aboard the Rich after arriving on 8/6/63.  Rich was his 2nd ship of a long list he served over a 28 year career before retiring as BTCM.   He went on to be diagnosed with mesothelioma.  He was awarded a $32,000,000 jury verdict.  Ron passed on 12/2/11, less than 4 months later.   Kay would enjoy hearing from shipmates and the Association.

8 07/22/13 Unangst, George L Jr (8) George is located in Brookhaven, PA. His Scottish name made finding him a bit easier than usual.  He recalls the “collision” vividly to this day
9 07/22/13 Camden, Mark D (9) Mark is located in Bristol, CT.  Another shipmate who recalls the collision with vivid memories.
10 07/24/13 Priest, Danny (Gene)

(10) Danny was born 10/24/1958 and died on 11/3/2004 in Lubbock, TX.   He is interred in the Mt. Olive Cemetery, Big Spring, TX.  His marker reads, “US Navy”.

11   Zakutansky, Ronald J (11) – Ronald (BTFN) was born 8/19/1957 and shockingly died in March of 1994 at age 37.  His home state was New Jersey.  His widow is believed to be Antoinette Wilbur of Toms River, NJ.  Our locator cannot locate her.  His mother is believed to be Bertha (82) Zakutansky of Bayonne, NJ.  He was difficult to find because his death is recorded under his initials of R.J. only, which is unusual, but not uncommon. Again, I am sorry for the loss of your shipmate. Such a loss of a young life.
12 07/26/13 Baxivanos, Nicholas P. (12) – Nicholas was born 12/2/1956 and died on 12/6/2001 at the age of 45 in Phoenix, AZ.  His widow is Teresa Joan (59) of South Point, OH.
13 07/29/13 Gregor, Kevin E (13) – Kevin was born 06/16/1955 and died in 9/1995 at age “30”.  His last know address was Massena, NY.
14 07/29/13 Boggs, Randall (14) – Randall was born 07/8/1957 and died on 05/15/1999 at age 42 at Danville, KY.  His widow is Wanda Marie.
15 07/29/13 Shaddeau, Richard G

(15) – BTFN -Richard is located in Gallipolis, OH.

16 08/01/13 Smith, Reaford Chester

(16) – Reaford is located in Troy, OH 45373.  He has vivid memories of the collision with AO98.  He welcomes news of the Rich. He hasn’t heard from anyone since leaving the ship.  He was the distance man holding the rope used to measure how close the ships are during refueling from the 01 deck.  He was a BMSN at the time.

17 08/01/13

Mays, Richard Norris

(17) – Richard is located in Denver, CO.  Richard was in his rack when the AO98 collision sounded, but he got up PDQ as his station was in the fire room. 

18 08/02/13 McCafferty, Eric C

(18) – Eric (QM2) is in Charleston, SC.  He served until 1993 and retired as QMCS.  He is now a mate on a dredge for small channels working for the Army Corps of Engineers.  His recollections of the AO collision are still vivid including seeing one shipmate prevent another from jumping overboard, obviously in panic mode.

19 08/02/13 Wendland, Steven L

(19) – Steven is located in Westampton, NJ.  He was the Oil King during the refueling operation preceding the collision with AO98. He is looking forward to speaking with former shipmates.

20 08/02/13 Suppan, Richard G

(20) – Gerald is located in Northampton, PA.  Rich was CIC Supervisor at the time of the collision with the AO98.  His Rich experience was very good and he is still in touch with his former OS shipmates.

21 08/07/13 Arnaud, Kevin J

(30B) – Kevin John (MM3) is located in Pflugerville, TX.  He is a buddy of David Davison, both of whom went to nuke school after the AO98 collision.  Kevin wound up on a submarine while David wound up on a cruiser.

22 8/05/13 Nerren, Joseph Kenneth (22) – Joseph is located in Spring, TX. His Navy and Rich service was confirmed by his family. He is a night shift machinist.
23 8/05/13 Prader, Robert W (23) – Robert (Bob) (ET3) age 55 of Kelso, Washington, died on April 19, 2013.
24 8/05/13 Schafers, Christopher J (24) – Christopher (GMT3) is located in Valley Center, KS. He went on to serve 10 years leaving the Navy as GMT1.  He has in interesting recollection of the collision and why it happened.
25 8/05/13 Hilton, Larry M (25) – Larry (SH3) is located in Chester, PA.
26 8/05/13 DiGuiseppe, Alex G (26) – Alex (SH3) is located in Hicksville, NY.  His duty station during replenishments was at the helm. Fortunately for him he left the Rich before the collision with AO 98 as his hitch was completed.
27 8/05/13 Grandey, David R (27) – (MM2) is in Greenburg, PA. He served 8 years before leaving the Navy.
28 8/05/13 Litwhiler, Lance (28) – Lance (ET3) is located in Jacksonville, FL. He went on to serve 20 years retiring as ET1.
29 08/07/13 Tate, Michael E

(29) – Michael (SN) is located in Philadelphia, PA. He will visit the web site for buddies’ names when he isn’t caring for his three grandsons. 


30B @ L  21
08/07/13 Davison, David B

(30A) – David is located in San Clemente, CA.  David was in the Engine Room during the collision removing oil from the water purifier when he thought a big wave had hit the Rich causing him to spill his bucket of oil in to the bilges and causing him to utter a few expletives.  The call to battle stations remedied his assumption.  He went on to serve 4 years aboard a cruiser after nuke school to which he reported shortly after the Rich’s arrival in Philadelphia.

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