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Shipmates Found - Group Five - August 2013
At the 2013 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized for shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association. 
1 08/12/13 Feldhahn, William A (31) – William was born on 07/19/1955 and died 05/23/2013. HN Jr., William A. – Age 57, of Marquette, died Thursday, May 23, 2013. Funeral services will be held 11:30 AM Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at Sharp Funeral Homes, Fenton Chapel, 1000 Silver Lake Road, Fenton. Burial will follow at Great Lakes Cemetery, Holly. The family will receive friends from 10AM until the time of service Tuesday. Mr. Feldhahn was born July 19, 1955 the son of William A. and Roberta (Lyons) Feldhahn. He was a 1973 graduate of Lake Fenton High School and a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Surviving are son, William A. Feldhahn III and wife Danyelle; 3 grandchildren Neveah, Makenna and Lexie; parents, William and Roberta; 3 brothers, John, Gary and wife Pat, Jeffery and wife Shaunti; nieces and nephews, Connie, Crystal, Carrie, Morgen and Luke. Online condolences may be shares at www.sharpfuneralhomes.com
2 08/12/13 Transue, Oliver Daniel (32) – Oliver (MM3) is in Massillon, OH.  Oliver’s story is very unique. He got married while aboard and this brought his family to the ship in celebration. They were from Montana. It turns out his father (deceased 12 years now) had served aboard the Rich as a BMC back in the 40’s-50’s. He served 20 years and spent more than half his time as a BMC. The AO98 collision caught Oliver in his rack since they were working 6 on and 6 off at the time.
3 08/12/13 Duncan, Early Bryant (33) – Early is located in Fairlawn, VA. Early was working 6 and 6 and was sleeping at the time of the collision. At the sounding of Gen Quarters he jumped from his bunk but was knocked back into it from one of the collisions. Jerry didn’t realized that the Rich had Reservists aboard which helps him understand why she had only 210 enlisted and not the normal 270+ enlisted for peacetime manning on a Gearing Class DD. Early completed his hitch shortly after the incident.
4 08/12/13 Bowman, Keith Allen (34) – Keith (HT3) is located in Lebanon, MO. The researcher spoke with his son who acknowledged his Dad’s Navy service as a HT3 as well as his presence aboard the Rich in 1976/1977.
5 08/12/13 Hinkle, Paul Henry (35) – Paul (MM3) is located in Columbia, PA. Paul was off watch and on the 01 level when the AO98 collision happened sort of in the birdwatcher’s seat near the life rafts. He scooted to the after engine room when general quarters was sounded. Still vivid memories for him.
6 08/12/13 Triponey, Donald C (36) – Donald is located in Lucedale, MS. Donald made Chief while aboard the Rich. Nine years ago, he was given 3 months to live. He is currently receiving chemotherapy. He welcomes Rich news and state he will join the association
7 08/12/13 Able, John Roy (37) – John (OCS) is located in West Columbia, SC. (johnrable-at-aol.com) He was in CIC at the time of collision and has unique recall of the events. He served 20 years and another 20 for the Dept. of Navy, DOD. He should join and attend St. Pete reunion.
8 08/13/13 Shultz, Harold T

(38) – Harold T. Shultz OS1, 54, of Unity Township, PA died Monday, June 20, 2005.  He was born Oct. 13, 1950. in Bellefonte, a son of Verna Mae (Garety) Shultz, of Bellefonte, and the late Harold G. Shultz.  He was a U.S. Navy veteran, having served during the Vietnam ear, then continued as a recruiter for an additional six years.  .

9 08/13/13 Archer, Kevin P

(39) – Kevin (BT2) is in Paulsboro, NJ.   At the time of the collision, Kevin was in charge of the forward fire room.  He got real busy real quick like.  He visits the web site periodically and is interested in Rich news.

10 08/13/13 Graham, Bradley K

(40) Chief Graham (GMGC) was born 02/20/1936 and died 09/18/2002.  His marker reads GMGC U.S. Navy.  He is interred at the Annin Creek Cemetery in Turtlepoint, PA.  No obituary was available.

11 08/13/13 Fugler, Jerry B

(41) – Jerry Burke Fugler (PN1) passed away January 30, 2012 in Houston, Texas.  Jerry was born March 5, 1948 in Austin, Texas.  Jerry enlisted in the United States Navy in September 1969.  He honorably served his country 26 years through times of peace and war, and finally retired as a Chief in the Naval Reserve in December 1995.  Burial was held in Houston National Cemetery.

12 08/14/2013 Carig, Rogelio S

(42) – Rogelio (MS1) is located in Newark, DE. He went on to serve 31 years and retired as MSC.  He welcomes Rich news and the opportunity to contact former shipmates.

13 08/27/2013 Davis, R A (43) "RA" Davis (MMC) was born 10/25/1939 and died on 6/6/2008 at Cranston, RI.  His marker reads MMC U S Navy Vietnam and is interred at the Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter, RI in Sect 1-6 Row 21 Sire 838.
14 08/27/2013 Gaydosh, Peter J (44) Peter (EW1) is located in Princeton, NJ. Peter was in his equipment shack above the bridge when the collision occurred followed by a 50 roll and likely was the highest person aboard at the time along with the lookouts. He served 7 years and was aboard through to the Decom ceremony.
15 09/23/2013 Wessner, Charles R (46) - Charles (MM1) is located at in Bernville, PA.  He served 20 years and retired as MM1. His wife Nancy confirmed his service in the Navy and on the Rich. He's up for radiation treatment next week so something is challenging him
16 08/27/2013 Lissimore, Kenneth Wm (46) - Kenneth (BT1)is located in  Niles, OH.  His memories of the collision place him on the main deck aft after securing from refueling detail and grabbing hold of a gun mount ladder while he got drenched from the 50 roll.  Recovery from the roll was most likely due to the topped-off fuel  tanks which made the ship keel heavy and lowered the center of gravity.  He went on to serve 23 years retiring as BTCM.
17 08/27/2013 Linse, Francis X (47) - Francis (EM1) is located in  Norfolk, VA.  While on the Rich he was an EM1.  In 1979 the Navy created a new rate called Gas Turbine Systems Technician (GS) and Francis switched to it and retired as GSCS after 24 years.
18 08/27/2013 Cullen, Paul Pierce (48) - Paul (HT1) is located in Valdosta, GA.  Paul described the collision damages as "not too bad". Of course fear of the unknown is hard to get one's head around. He seemed pretty cool about the entire matter. He stayed aboard until Decom and went on to serve 20 years retiring as Warrant Carpenter in 1990.
19 08/14/2013 Carig, Rogelio S (49) – Rogelio (MS1) is located in Newark, DE.  He went on to serve 31 years and retired as MSC. He welcomes Rich news and the opportunity to contact former shipmates.
20 09/23/2013 Birchfield, Robert C (50) - Robert is located in Independence, MO.  Robert has vivid memories of the collision details. Sadly, he informs us he has Stage 4 Cancer and refuses radiation/chemo treatment.  He is anxious to speak with a couple of close shipmates.
21 08/27/2013
Gouin, Mark C (51) - Mark is located in Gloucester, MA.  Mark is a Commercial Fisherman.
22 08/27/2013 Pacio, Julio C (52) - Julio (HT) is located in Intercession City, FL.  As a Hull Technician his recollection of collision damages are very vivid.
23 08/27/2013 Cleghorn, Travis Lynn (53) – Travis is located in Fort Worth, TX.
24 08/27/2013 Burks, Stephan D (54) – Stephan is located in Genoa, IL.  He has a picture of the Rich in his office.
25 08/29/2013 Coffea, John F (55) - John is located in Newark, DE.  He had just got off watch in the Boiler Room and was on deck getting fresh air when the collision occurred. Had the Rich's angle to the AO 98 been slightly different the Rich would have been cut in two at exactly where John was standing with a shipmate. As he tells the story, the incident caused him to change his mind about making the Navy a career.
26 09/03/2013 Terry, Loyd Earl

(56) – Loyd, which was misspelled at birth but stuck to him for  life, is located in Florence, MS.  He is looking forward to renewing old friendships having had NO contact since his departure.

27 09/04/2013 Roy, Mark S

(57) – Mark (MSSA) is located in Towanda, PA.  Having secured from refueling detail, Mark was preparing hamburgers for lunch when the collision alarm blared.  The jolt caused him to fall towards the grill but the worst he got was two forearms full of cheese.  Needless to say lunch was delayed that day.  He stayed aboard until Decom.

28 09/23/2013 McElvarr, Joseph E (58) - Joseph (STG1) is located in Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Joe served 26 years and retired as STCS. Other than being in the Sonar shack at the time of collision with AO 98, Joe has bragging rights in probably being the only Shipmate to have collided twice with the AO 98, once on the Rich and later while aboard the USS Wasp.
29 09/23/2013 Leem, Manual Uyan (59) - Manuel (FN) is located in Bay Point, CA. He was on watch at the switchboard trying to hang on during the collision. He went on to serve 20 years retiring as EM1. Anxious to get Rich news about former shipmates.
30 10/07/2013 Doty, Joseph Anthony (60) Joe (BM3) is located in Waterford, NY.  He has severe physicial issues.  To be in contact with former shipmates would be of great value to him.
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