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Shipmates Found - Group Seven - January 2014
Funding for this group was generously provided by a shipmate who was also found by the Shipmate Search Project.

The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.  
The search continues!
1 01/09/14 Prince, Neal E

(101) – Prince, GM3, is located in Angola, IN.  He is a snowbird and winters in Nokomis, FL

2 01/09/14 Blankenberg, Richard E

(102) – Blankenberg, SA, was born 5/24/1946 and died on 12/24/2004 in Marion, OH.

3 01/10/14 Wass, Robert A

(103) – Robert (SA)is located in Eagle Point, CO 97524.  At age 67 he owns an OR state weight lifting title and is in training for world title. 

4 01/10/14 Hollesen, Michael H

(104) – Michael was born 8/5/1948 and died on 8/8/2001 in Carson, IA.   He is interred at the Minden Cemetery, Minden, IA.  His marker reads, GMG2 US Navy Vietnam.  He reported aboard on 11/5/1965 and began his active duty in 8/1965.

5 01/10/14 Royster, Joshua C

(105) – Joshua is located in College Park, MD. He reported on 8/20/65.  He ultimately became at BT3.

6 01/10/14 Harraman, Gary W (106) – Gary is located in Monmouth Junction, NJ.  He reported aboard 09/1/1965 and ultimately became a BM3.  Looking forward to connecting with shipmates and attending some reunions
7 01/10/14 Reid, Alvin (107) – Alvin was born 3/29/1947 and died on 7/21/2011 in Chicago, IL at age 64.  He came aboard on 7/10/1965 as a SN.  He is interred at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL where his marker reads QM2 USN.
8 01/13/14 Hutchinson, J Glenn  (108) – Glenn (RM2) is located in Claremore, OK. He reported aboard in 9/1966. He is retired and works part time as a Funeral Director.
9 01/13/14 Pairan, William R  (109) – William (AMSN) is located in Lindenhurst, NY. He boarded in 3/1966 as an SA and became an Aviation Machinist Mate working on the ASROC as an AMSN. Looking forward to Rich news, website visit and future reunions.
10 01/13/14 Schuj, George Anthony (110) – George (BMSN) was born 6/18/1947 and died 2/11/1998 in San Francisco. He is interred in the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, CA where his marked reads BMSN USN Vietnam.
11 01/13/14 Ennis, Benjamin Watt Jr (111) – Benjamin (BM1) was born 9/18/1925 and died on 9/2/1993 at age 68 in Norfolk, VA. His SSN was issued from GA as was his service number. He in interred in the Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery in Norfolk, VA.
12 01/14/14 Rutland, Richie Raymond (112) – Richie (SN) was born 4/25/1946 and died on 9/27/1992 in N. Augusta, SC. His SSN was issued from AL.
13 01/14/14 Wiedl, Eugene Vernon (113) – Gene (SM3) is located in Melba, ID. He farms 40 acres for hay and raises horses. He visits the web site for shipmates. He boarded 11/5/1966 as a SA and made SM3 before departing.
14 01/14/14 Washburn, Dennis Eugene (114) – (SN) Born 12/9/1941 and died 5/5/2001 in Olean, NY. Interred at the St. Bonaventure Cemetery in Allegany, NY where his marker reads US Navy Vietnam. He boarded on 5/11/1966 as a SN.
15 01/15/14 Vose, Paul E (115) – Paul (ET3) is located in Derry, NH. He boarded on 3/26/1966 which was the date the Rich returned from a Med Cruise.
16 01/15/14 Thomas, Leslie E (116) – Leslie (BTFN) is located in Victoria, TX.
17 01/24/14 Kreider, Larry Edwin (117) – Larry (MM3) is located in Ephrata, PA. He boarded on 5/2/63 and departed in 1967. He originally went to sub school but subs turned out to be not for him. He preferred the Rich much more.   Passed 24 Jun 14
18 01/24/14 Comar, Kenneth (118) – Kenneth (FA) was born 9/23/1945 and died on 5/21/1983 in PA at 37. He boarded on 4/3/1966.
19 01/24/14 Pazik, Richard Frank (119) – Rich (FN) was born in 1948 and died on 3/1/2013 at Port Hadlock, WA. He was the drummer in the ship’s trio and thoroughly enjoyed his tour aboard the Rich.  He came aboard on 6/11/965.
20 01/24/14 Domnick, Charles Thomas (120) – Charles (IC3) was born 12/24/1945 and died 1/3/12006 at St. Petersburg, Fl. He is interred at the Bay Pines National Cemetery in Bay Pines, Fl. His marker reads IC3 US Navy – Vietnam.
21 01/24/14 Osswald, Albert Anderas (121) – Albert (FN) boarded on 4/23/1966 and departed in 12/1967 headed for Sub School. He retired after one destroyer and six subs (mostly Pacific) as EMCS and Chief of the Boat. He is in , Groton, CT. He is still working as a Consulting Electrical Engineer
22 01/24/14 Spindle, John Muse (122) – John (BTFN) is located in Hampton, VA. He boarded on 3/26/1966 and left in 1970.
23 01/24/14 Wallin, Ronald Victor (123) - Ronald (MM3) is located in West Portsmouth, OH 45663. Ron boarded on 3/26/1966 and served until 1968.  He parlayed his Navy training into a Power House Management career spanning 30 years.
24 01/24/14 Krey, Walter Lawrence (124) – Walter (MMFA) is located in Chicago, IL. He arrived on 3/30/1966. He made the 1966 NATO cruise and then left for Jet Mechanic A School and went on to the Kitty Hawk and made ADJ2 leaving the Navy.
25 01/31/14 Trindad, Edmond C (125) – Ed (SKC) will be 90 on his next birthday. He may be the oldest Rich shipmate alive or at least one of them. Ed served in the US Navy from 1943 to 1967 and came aboard RICH on 3/2/65 and was still aboard on 6/30/66. The reseacher believes he retired from the Rich in 1967. He lives in Mount Airy, NC.
26 02/10/14 Larsen, Kenneth Emil (126) – Ken (SA) came aboard on 7/31/1965 as a FA. He is not in good health, cannot travel, does not have a computer.
27 02/10/14 Reid, Thomas Porterfield (127) – Thomas (SN) is located in LaCrescenta, CA. He was a 2nd Div. GM striker and is now a teacher. He has several photos of the Rich arm wrestling a 50 ft. wave in the North Atlantic.
28 02/27/14 Sivers, David W

(128) – David (FNFN) is located at 457 Patterson Mill Road, Grottos, VA 24441.  Tel. # 315-439-1746 and he is retired.

29 03/03/14 Anderson, Eugene D

(129)Eugene (BT3) is located in Stillwater MN.  From the Navy he used the GI Bill to obtain an Engineering Degree and worked for Ford for many years in Field Development.  He still owns his original 1958 Harley and several vintage cars which he restores in retirement.

30 03/03/14 Schwartz, John B

(130) – John (MM2) came board on 8/13/1964.  He was a Kiddie Kruiser and made 2nd in less than 3 years.  He is in Dania Beach, FL

31 03/04/14 Sandefur, Paul W (131) - Paul (IC1) is located in Dorchester, MA. He served 8 years leaving as an IC1. He was aboard in 1966. He then made law enforcement and the Dorchester Police Dept. his career from which he is retired.
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