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Shipmates Found - Group Fourteen - January 2016
At the 2011 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized for shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.  Not surprisingly, he fulfilled our request smartly.
1 1/20/16 Wells, Jimmy D Jimmy (MM3 70-7X) is located in Moss Point, MS. He was surprised to hear from his old ship and anxious to make contact with shipmates.
2 1/20/16 Sanderson, Edward J Edward (Ens 1972-XX) is located in Ranch Sante Fe, CA.  He will help locate more officers. He was the CIC officer while aboard.
3 1/20/16 Marcinkowski, Dennis Sr Dennis (SR 1971-XX) was born on 1/8/1952 and died in December of 1979 at age 27 in Detroit, MI.
4 1/20/16 Speck, Larry L Larry (MM2 1970-XX) is located in Galion, OH.
5 1/20/16 Pugh, Herbert J Jr Herbert (LTjg 1970-XX) was born 9/1/1949 and died on 9/12/2010 at Bumpass, VA. He was a 1969 graduate of Georgia Tech as an IE. After the Navy he became a farmer in Bumpass, VA.
6 1/20/16 Lear, Phillip W Phillip (LTjg 1970-XX)  is located in Park City, UT. At 70, he is still practicing law.
7 2/2/16 Carvino, Nicholas L Nicholas (HM3 1970-72) was born 1/6/1953 and died on 10/12/1978 in Ohio at age 25. He is interred in the Rose Hill Memorial Park Cemetery, Massillon, OH , Sect G, Row 7. His marker reads HM3, U S Navy, Vietnam.
8 2/2/16 Garrity, John T John (SA  1970-72)  was born on 5/25/1950 and died on 5/3/2000 in Florida. He is interred at the New St. Mary’s Chapel and Mausoleum, Bellmawr, NJ where his marker reads SA U S Navy, Vietnam.
9 2/2/16 Hartsook, Daniel B Daniel (EN3 1970-72) was born 9/7/1949 and died 2/20/1998 in OH. He is interred in the Northlawn Memorial Gardens, Westerville, OH. His marker reads EN3, U S Navy, Vietnam.
10 2/4/16 Witwer, Thomas J

Thomas (SA 1971) was born 6/6/1950 and died 11/15/2011.  He died while under Hospice Care in mount Joy, PA.  His obituary states he was a U S Navy Veteran who served in Vietnam. 

11 2/4/16 Gregg, Harold A

Harold (MMS 1970-72) is located in Milton, FL.   He will visit the web site and await updated info about the Rich Association.

12 2/12/16 Legg, Paul B

Paul (RD2 1970-72) is located in Suffolk. He boarded on 11/12/1970 and departed the day before the Rich departed for Vietnam, having only 30 days left to his hitch.

13 2/12/16 Herald, Charles L Jr

Charles (BMSN 1970-72) is located in Providence, RI. He was very disappointed in missing the New London, reunion and looking forward to attending his 1st in the near future.  He has a cruise book and lots of pics to share

14 2/12/16 Lint, John C Jr

John (GMGC 1970-72) Chief Calvin Lint, Jr., 86, passed away Wednesday, March 23, 2011

15 2/12/16 Axness, Robert Arthur

Robert (ETNSN 1971-73) was born 12/21/1952 and died on 3/17/1993 at 41.  Last known residence was Hubertus, WI.  His SSN came from NY. 

16 2/16/16 Boykin, James E

James (FN  70-72) was born 2/7/1950 and died on 1/20/2015 at Beaumont, TX.  He is interred in the Houston National Cemetery, Houston, TX.  His service was held at the Calvary Mortuary Chapel.  His marker reads FN U S Navy, Vietnam. 

17 2/16/16 Shave, John A

John (FA 70-72) was born 1/27/1951 and died on 8/22/1993 at age 42. 

18 2/17/16 Bloch, Lawrence M

Lawrence (SM3 70-72) is in Belmont, MA.

19 2/17/16 Black, Jerry H Jerry (LCDR - XO 70-72)  Boarded RICH 7/18/1970 and served as her Executive Officer.  He was born 11/15/38 and died 02/22/15 in Sarasota, FL. 
20 2/17/16 Brennan, Neil M

Neil (LTjg 71-72) is located in Belmont, NC 28012.

21 2/22/16 Karaianis, John T

John (             ) passed on December 23, 2013 in Taylorville Memorial Hospital.   He was  born in Springfield, IL on June 2, 1951.   He served honorably in the US Navy on the USS Rich (DD-820) Destroyer and later on a Patrol Boat, River (PBR) during the War in Vietnam.  John worked several years as a Dryer Operator at the Borden Chemical Factory and later at the Formosa Chemical Plant near Illiopolis.

22 2/22/16 Munger, Francis X

LCDR Munger was assigned to the Rich and expected to arrive at 6/30/1971 and by 9/1971.  He entered  the National Guard in 1952 while still in high school but transferred to the USN after graduation.  He went to the Fleet from which he received an appointment to the Naval Academy graduating in 1960 as part of Company 4.  He made LCDR in July of 1969.  He is located in 1, Bush, LA.  He is posted to the Navy Log and retired in 1976.

23 2/22/16 Lozada, Felipe M

Felipe (SD1 70-72) was born on 5/1/1939 and died June 1986 in Puerto Rico.  He entered the US Navy in May of 1970 and boarded the Rich on 5/12/1970 as a SD1. He retired at that rank. 

24 2/22/16 Churchill, Douglas R

Douglas (72-74 RD2) was born 3/19/1942 and died on 3/20/2004 in AlabamaL.  He was an Operations Specialist Chief when he reported to the Rich on 2/4/1972.  He was an RD2 when he reported to the USS Charles R. Ware (DD-865) in 9/1961.   He retired as an OSC.

25 2/23/16 Symons, Joseph H

Joseph (MM3 00-00) is located in Mesa, AZ.  He welcomes Rich news and shipmate contacts.

26 2/23/16 Bounds, Barney A

Barney (MM1 71-73) retired from the Rich after 20 years on 7/2/1973 upon returning from Vietnam.  He resides in Alamogordo, NM. He has many tales to tell.

27 2/26/16 Oskins, Michael

Michael (IC3 70-73) is located in Hilo, HI.  He looks forward to an Hawaiian Rich reunion.

28 2/26/16 Andrus, Larry P

Larry (HT3 71-73) was born 3/24/1949 and died accidentally on 4/4/1976 at age 27.  He is interred in the Rest Haven Memorial Park, Crestmont, PA.  His marker reads HT3, USN, Vietnam. 

29 2/26/16 Virden, Harry L Harry (DC3 71-73) is located in Peoria, IL.  He made the Vietnam cruise while aboard and spent time ashore to the point he qualifies for health benefits caused by Agent Orange.  He has been declared cancer free and plans to stay that way.
30 2/26/16 Peck, Roger M Roger (STG3 70-73) is located in Hutchinson, MN.
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