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Shipmates Found - Group Eleven - October 2014
The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.   The search continues!
1 10/01/2014 Hamman, Gordon D Gordon (ST1 65-66) is located in Hiram, ME.  Locator emailed his daughter joannehamman@aol.com who resides with him.  No dialogue except his e-mail response to a snail mail letter.  His ID number indicates he is a Nebraska native
2 10/01/2014 Owen, Douglas D

Douglas (DC1 65-65) was born 7/25/1931 and died on 3/15/1995 at Oak Grove, GA.

3 10/01/2014 Denman, William F William (ATN3 64-66) is located in Arnold, MO and is still working part-time.
4 10/03/2014 Antonio, Pablo M

Pablo (TN 65-67) was born 1/15/1947 and died in 1/1986 at age 39.

5 10/03/2014 Monsale, Ricardo N

Ricardo (TN 66-68) was born 7/23/1936 and died 4/21/2005. He is interred in the Filipino-American Cemetery, Iloilo City, Philippines.  His marker reads PO2, US Navy, Vietnam.

6 10/03/2014 O'Hearn, Thomas J

Thomas (STG3 66-68) was born 11/12/1944 and died in 6/1988 at age 43.  He last resided in St. Paul, MN.  No  obituary was available. 

7 10/03/2014 Hetchler, Gary P

Gary (FTG2 65-67) resides in Eau Claire, WI.

8 10/03/2014 Tauber, Johnnie L

Johnnie (SFP3 66-65) is located in Liverpool, TX

9 10/03/2014 Milanovich, George J

George (BT2 65-69) is located in Thornton, CO. He served 23 years and retired as BTCS.

10 10/03/2014 Stiles, John R

John (MMCS 64-66) died on November 28, 2012 in The Villages, FL. His widow, Billlie Jean, can be contacted via the Shjip's Office.  He served 32 years before retiring.

11 10/03/2014 Girard, Guy A

Guy (MM3 67-77) is located in Richland, WA. A shortimer who reported aboard in Mar 1977 and left before the collision.  He went to Nuke school and eventually made MM2 before being discharged.

12 10/03/2014 Reyes, Felino C

Felino (TN 65-67) died on 8/20/2010 at King, WA.  He is interreed at the Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, WA.  His marker reads AS1 (Aviation Support Equipment Technician), USN, Vietnam.  His widow Emilia V (64) can be contacted via the Ship's Office..

13 11/17/2014 Rutherford, Orion Glenn Jr

Orion (CS3 63-65) died on 2/27/1975 at age 32.  He is interred in the Hopewell Cemetery in Montgomery, OH.    His last known residence was in Hamilton, OH.

15 11/25/2014 Principe, David L

David (ETNSN 66-68) is located in the SNOW BELT of updated NY in Oneida, NY.   

16 11/25/2014 Garner, Lawrence

Lawrence is located in Hedgesville, WV.

17 12/05/2014 Link, Andrew H

Andrew (GMG3) is  located in Dadeville, AL.

18 12/16/2014 Burton, Richard E Richard was born 1/21/1931 and died on 2/20/1993 at Ottumwa, IA.  He is interred at the Calvary Cemetery in Ottumwa.  He reported aboard on 6/11/1964.
19 12/18/2014 Clore, Wayne C

 Wayne (FTG2) died on 6/5/2007 at St. Petersburg, FL.   He was received aboard on 8/31/61.

20 12/23/2014 Crosby, John H

John (ETN3) reported aboard on 2/24/64. He died on 10/20/2002 at Manlius, NY.

21 12/23/2014 Godwin, Russell T

Russell (ETR3 63-65) is located in Bath, PA. He departed RICH in 1965 while the ship was in Naples.

22 12/23/2014 Hayes, B Lawrence

Lawrence is located in Harvard, MA.  He was found accidentally through his brother Mike.

23 12/23/2014 Nicolais, Donato

Donato (SKC) died on 4/27/2014. He in interred in the Marcy Cemetery in Duryea, PA where his marker reds SKC U S Navy WW II. His career spanned from 10/1945 to 2/1965. He boarded the Rich on 2/21/1963 and likely retired from her in 1965.

24 12/23/2014 Santos, Llewellyn J

Llewellyn (RMC) is located in Louisville, KY. He served 20 years and retired in 1973 as RMCM.

25 12/23/2014 Massey, Jerry O

Jerry (RD1) is located in Longview, TX.  He reported aboard on 4/23/1964 and left in 1965. He served 10 years
on 3 DD’s.

26 12/23/2014 Nesbitt, Larry F

Larry (SK1) is located in Sumter, SC. He reported aboard on 10/1/1963 departed in 1966 just before he was
authorized to wear his STC hat. He went on to serve 30 years and retired as STCM.

27 12/24/2014 Badonsky, Emil

 Emil (MMC) was born in NY and died on 12/23/1988.  He is interred in Arlington National Cemetery.  His Navy
service spanned 1945 to 1964.

28 2/24/2014 Drewry, Walter J

 Walter (HMC 62-64) was born in NY and 2/28/2008.  Interred in Arlington National Cemetery, his marker reads
US Navy HMC – Korea.

29 2/24/2014 Francis, Francis J

 Francis (SH1 63-64) died on 9/1/2010 at Deland, FL.  He is interred in the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell,
FL.  His marker reads WWII, Korea, Vietnam SH1 – US Navy.

30 2/24/2014 Hellman, William A

William (BT1 63-65) died on 11/13/2005 at Turner Falls, MA.  He is  interred in the New Town Cemetery,
Sudbry, MA.  His marker reads BT1, US Navy, Korea, Vietnam.

31 2/24/2014 Gantt, Charles A Charles (EM1 61-62) died in 11/1976 at aged 41.    His death being so long ago, no details can be found
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