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Shipmates Found - Group Six - September/October 2013
At the 2013 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized for shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.   The search continues!
1 10/8/2013 Barstad, Willis Allen (61) – Willis (LTjg) boarded in 8/1966 as Weapons Officer. He served two years aboard before going on to teach ROTC in Chicago. He is in Lodi, WI. His email is wabbrb@charter.net He welcomes the opportunity to tell a few Rich stories from his days aboard
2 10/8/2013 Szabados, Joel Frank (62) – Joel (BMSN) was a 1st Div. Bosun striker who came aboard on 8/2/1966. He is located in Cleveland, OH. Joel was very surprised to hear form ANYONE associated with the Rich. He made the Vietnam cruise and was lead singer in the ship’s band that entertained at various fleet shows including the USO fetes.
3 10/9/2013 Middaugh, Douglas Ray (63) – Douglas is located in Pinehurst, NC. Doug wil refresh his memory by visiting the web site and browsing through the ship’s company.
4 10/9/2013 Soverel, Peter Wolcott (64) – Peter (LTjg) is located in Edmonds, WA. Email is soverel@msn.com Peter was a career sailor having retired as Captain. He is a USNA grad class of 63. He remains in touch with several fellow officers. He served as Operations Officer while aboard and commanded a river boat squadron in Vietnam and received the Silver Star for heroism during that duty.
5 10/9/2013 Roberts, Stephen Shepard (65) – Stephen (Ens) is located in Arlington, VA.  Email is stepsrob@gmail.com. He boarded on 9/2/65 as Gunnery Assistant and Dash Officer. He is a retired Captain (SUNR) and does extensive historical research. He is a Harvard ROTC graduate.
6 10/9/2013 Barwick, Norman Roscoe (66) – (Ens) Norman passed on 7/27/2001 of cancer per his widow Barbara (71). Barbara is interested in the Association. She is in  Marietta, GA.
7 10/9/2013 Baker, Milton Louis (67) – Milton was born 9/25/1946 and died on 2/4/2004 at Roanoke, VA. He boarded the Rich on 10/20/1965. No obit was available.
8 10/9/2013 Klemick, Ronald Joseph (68) – Ronald (LTjg) is a USNA graduate class of 1963. He is in Hampstead, NC.  Email is rjklemick@gmail.com. He served six years and left the USN. He welcomes news of the Rich
9 10/9/2013 Quick, Edwin Taylor (69) – Edwin (Ens) is located in  Lakewood, CO 80214. He would like to receive the Rich newsletter and catch up with shipmates.
10 10/10/2013 Deming, Earl Joseph (70) – (SA)  Earl was an SA when reported aboard the Rich on 3/26/1966. He became a Bosun’s Mate and had duty in Vietnam handling a river dredge. He died 08/13/2013 of complications brought about by Agent Orange.
12 10/15/2013 Ward, Timothy P

(72) – Tim (ET2) was aboard 1976-77 and is located in Vienna, VA.

13 10/15/2013 Poe, Paul Garth

(73) – Paul (FTG3) is in Norfolk, VA and faces serious health issues.

14 10/18/2013 Svendsen, John T

(74) – John (ET3) was received aboard on 4/13/1977.  He is located in Pensacola, FL.   He recalls his location during the AO98 collision.  As he describes it, “sideways at bridge plot.”  He is still grateful the ASROC magazine had been emptied before sailing as the AO98’s anchor went through it during the collision.

15 10/18/2013 Diederich, Elmer M

(75) – Elmer reported aboard on 3/28/1966 as an SA and remained for his reserve hitch achieving GM3.  He is located in Big Timber, MT.

16 10/18/2013 Godby, Joseph B (76) – Joseph (SN) was born 3/21/38 and died 6/23/2000.  His marker reads BM1 US Navy SGT US Army.  He is interred in the Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, SC.   He boarded the Rich on 5/26/1966
17 10/22/2013 Everett, Warren J (77) - Warren (SA) was born 11/10/1947 and died 6/14/1990 at Gloucester, MA.  No obituary was found.
18 10/22/2013 Hulin, Jerry L (78) – Jerry (SA) reported aboard on 3/26/1966 as a SA. He is located in Randleman, NC.
19 10/22/2013 Martz, Marlin W Jr (79) - Marlin came aboard as an SA on 04/13/1966.  He was designated for Hospitalman (HM) School shortly after arriving.  He is located in Harrisburg, PA.
20 11/04/2013 Gizzi, Angelo (80) – Angelo (MM2) is located in Newton, NJ.  He was on Top Watch when the collision alarms went off. He served 9 years leaving as MM1.
21 11/04/2013 Lacosta, Francisco M (81) – Francisco (MS3) is located in Virginia Beach, VA. He went on to serve 22 years retiring as MS1. He has 4 sons. He will visit the web site for shipmate names and look forward to receiving Rich news
22 11/04/2013 Marach, Michael Franklin (82) – Michael (SK3) is located in Minocqua, WI. He made the Vietnam cruise of 1968.
23 11/04/2013 Mink, David Everett (83) – David (SN) was born 8/11/1947 and died on 8/22/1999 at Rutherford, TN. No obituary was available.
24 11/04/2013 Walker, Earl Ernest (84) – Earl (SK3) is located in West St. Paul, MN. He hardly recalls the collision with the AO98. He may have been on night shift and sleeping when things happened
25 11/05/2013 Boware, Kenneth Sr

(85) – Kenneth (SH3) is located in Birmingham, AL.  Ken’s memory for the collision details is phenomenal.  He worked the laundry and the ship’s store and was known as “Doc”.  He is most anxious to both get on the web site and receive Rich news.

26 11/30/2013    
27 11/30/2013 Trout, Eugene Carl II (87) – Eugene (BT1) is located in Clearwater, FL. He retired with 20 years service.
28 11/30/2013 Berg, B Kendall Jr (88) – Kendall (MM3) is located in Glendale, AZ. He transferred to the Rich from MM Nuclear School as a MM3.
29 11/30/2013 Theel, Mark Steven (89) – Mark (IC2) is located in Independence, KS. He served 13 years leaving as IC1. He states that the CO, XO and Eng. Officers were all former IC men. They could do no wrong. He was on watch during the collision and spent time trying to right various indicators that had exceeded their capacity due to the excessive movement of the ship.
30 11/30/2013 Farmer, Douglas Lightfoot (90) – Douglas (MM3) is located in Palmetto, FL. He was on watch on the phones at Main Control at the time of the collision. He was fully informed of what was happening from a communication standpoint but was blind to the events topside. He was good buddies with John Brunst HT3.
31 11/30/2013 Nesbit, Ralph Marvin (91/21) Ralph is located in Loganville, GA.  He served as a Storekeeper onboard in 1966.
32 11/30/2013 Beary, James Taylor (92) James (BM3) is located in East Galesburg, IL. On board in 1966, this shipmate had two brothers aboard: Leonard and Richard. 
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