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Shipmates Found - Group Thirteen - November 2015
At the 2011 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized for shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.  Not surprisingly, he fulfilled our request smartly.
1 10/29/2015 Lang, Wayne L

Wayne (RM3) is located in Escondido, CA.  He boarded on 8/10/1971 and left in 1973 for a discharge.  He reenlisted in 1976 and served a total of 21.5 years retiring as RM1.  He is most interested in finding Rich shipmates.

2 10/29/2015 Byrd, Terry M

Terry (FN) is located in Dardanelle, AR boarded as a FN on 5/15/1973.  He left in 1978 as a MM1(SS).

3 10/29/2015 Holdford, Robert D

Robert (STG3) is located in North, SC. Made rate immediately out of Sonar school.  Came aboard on 10/16/1972 and stayed aboard until 1976 departing as STG2.

4 11/19/2015
Jergens, Nicholas P

 Nicholas (ETN3)was born 1/9/1949 and died 2/10/1987.  His marker reads ETN3; U S Navy Vietnam.  He is interred  in the Dayton Nat’l Cemetery, Dayton, OH.  He boarded on 6/14/1973.

5 11/19/2015 Lake, Leo M Leo (MM2) is located in Fallston, MD.
6 11/19/2015 Giffard, David

David Giffard (BT) is located in Ridgeville, SC and welcomes Rich news.

7 11/19/2015 Sprout, Richard B

Richard (DK2) is located in Newark, OH.


8 11/19/2015 O,Donnoghue, Edward

Edward (SK2) is located in Gaithersburg, MD.  He came aboard in May 1972 and left in 1974.  He went on to make SKC serving 22 years.

9 12/01/2015 Testo, Michael J Michael (OS3) boarded 6/29/70 as OS 3 and remained through decommissioning. He is living in Edwardsburg, MI.
10 12/01/2015 Somuk, John A John (MM2) is located in Worthington IN.
11 12/23/2015 Wofford, Robert N Robert (FT1) is located in Sanford, NC. He served 10 years. He is a widower.
12 12/23/2015 Weichel. George E George Elmer Weichel - #12 – George was born 9/4/1947 in Pittsburgh,PA and died 1/10/2006 in Roanoke Rapids NC.  He was retired from the United States Navy serving his country during the Vietnam War.
13 12/23/2015 Scroggs, Franklin R Franklin (OS1) 67 of Statham, GA died August 14, 2007.
14 12/23/2015 Nunley, Walter B Walter was born 7/8/1942 and died on 4/16/2010 at Portsmouth, VA. His marker reads GMG3, USN, Vietnam. He is interred in the Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Gardens in Suffolk, VA
15 12/23/2015 Booker, John L John (BT1) was born 10/26/1940 and died on 12/6/12 at Memphis, TN.  He is interred in the West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery, Memphis, TN.
16 12/23/2015 Lacorte, Mauricio Mauricio (EM1) is located in Deptford, NJ. He retired at 21+ years.
17 12/23/2015 Blair, Thomas W Thomas (EN2) was born 11/9/1940 and died on 2/22/2003 in KY. He is interred in the Camp Nelson National Cemetery in Nicholasville, KY.  His marker reads EN1 U S Navy, Vietnam. He earned the Bronze Star and Purple Heart among several other decorations.
18 12/23/2015 Martching, Larry D Larry (RM1) is located in Vallejo. CA. He is dealing with health issues and does not wish to be contacted further.
19 12/28/2015 Fuel, James C Sr

James (EWC) was born 7/28/1942 and died on 1/6/2015 at Jacksonville, AR.

20 12/28/2015 Garcia, Alfonso

Alfonso (SD2) was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX and passed away January 20, 2015.

21 12/28/2015 Vale, Paul Q

Paul (MMC) is located in Thompsontown, PA. 

22 12/28/2015 Pavlansky, Paul S

Paul (RMC) was born 8/3/1935 and died on 5/18/1998 at Youngstown, OH. 

23 12/28/2015 Svaib, James M

James (OS1) passed away at the age of 73 on July 19, 2012.  He was retired Navy of 20 years.

24 12/28/2015 Hardaway, Earl L

Earl (EWC) is located in Crosset, AR. He served 20 years.

25 01/19/2016
Phariss, Alonzo D

 Lonnie was born 7/5/1950 and died on 10/23/2002 at Chickasha, OK.  He is interred in the Fairlawn Cemetery in Chickasha where his marker reads U S Navy.

26 01/19/2016
Oldham, Robert E Robert (RMC) was born in 1933 and died on 1/15/1996.  He in interred in the Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk, VA. He retired from the USS Rich as RMC.  (See additional info elsewhere on this website)
27 01/19/2016
Stellfox, George R

George (BT3) was born 12/28/1948 and died on 8/1/2000 in PA.

28 01/19/2016
Woodson, James L

James (SN)was born 7/23/1944 and died on 6/10/2009 at Clairton, PA. 

29 01/19/2016
Panosetti, Robert R

Robert (SN) is located in Nazareth, PA.

30 01/19/2016
Young, Ivory Jr

Ivory (SH3) was born 6/19/1948 and died on 6/21/2005 in MI.  He is interred at the Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit, MI.  His marker reads SHSN U S Navy, Vietnam.

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