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Shipmates Found - Group Eight - July 2014
The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association.   The search continues!
1 07/17/14 Dunkelbarger, Larry F Larry is located in Ballston Spa, NY. He served 7+ years including a tour on a submarine and leaving the USN as an EM1(SS)
2 07/17/14 Richter, Klaus P Klaus emigrated to the US at age 12 from Germany. He served in the Navy and achieved the rank of RD2. He left the Rich in 4/1966 after being aboard for a few months. He went on to acquire a law degree.
3 07/17/14 White, Harold D Harold was born on 10/31/1932 and died on 6/12/2009. He was a BT2 and transferred from the Rich on 3/27/1966 bound for Argentia, NFLD. His marker reads BT1 U S Navy, Korea, Vietnam. He is interred at the Sunset Memorial Park, Forest City, NC.
4 07/17/14 Cooper, Bruce E (01) Bruce is located in Erie, PA. He left the Rich as a RD3 on a transfer to the Little Rock for just a short time. Looking forward to Rich news.
5 07/17/14 Adkins, Wayne L (02) Wayne was born 3/13/1945 in Hampton, GA. He left the Rich as a BM3 on 3/28/1966 on a transfer to the Naples Support Facility. He went on to become a BM1 and served in Vietnam where he was lost at sea on 10/19/1969.
6 07/21/14 Cwikowski, Eric J (03 Eric served as an RD2 and left on 5/13/9166 on a transfer to the CG4 Little Rock.  He resides in  North Fort Myers, FL. He served 23 years and retired as an OSC.  He is in good health.
7 07/21/14 Perry, Custus

(04) Custus Lee Perry III, 81, of Simpson, NC died November 21, 2008.

8 07/24/14 Templeton, Bobby L

(05) Bobby YN2,  is located in Mukilteo, WA.  He is recorded as leaving the Rich on 04/13/1966 on a transfer to CG2 USS Wright from which he was discharged.  However, he maintains he was always on the Admiral’s Staff of ComCarDiv5.   How he came to be logged on as Rich Ship’s Company is unexplainable by either of us.

9 07/24/14 Mulkey, Joseph E

(06) Joseph (MM3) was born 06/16/1938 and died on 06/24/2008.  He is buried at Port Hudson National Cemetery, Zachary, LA.  His marker reads MM3 U.S. Navy, Vietnam

10 07/25/14 Stills, Gilbert Waren

(07)  Gil (YN3) served from 1966 through 1967.  He did boot camp in Great Lakes and was retained for shore duty involving recruitment.  He went on to Newfoundland for more shore duty and spent much energy requesting Sea Duty which brought him his assignment to the Rich only to have reported aboard while she was in dry dock.  He is in Montpelier, VA.

11 07/28/14 Tsamouras, John

(08) John (SN) was born 6/18/1943 and died on 3/21/2011.  His marked reads SN U.S. Navy.  He is interred at the Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery in Owings Mills, MD.  His last know residence was Stone Mountain, GA and he was a native of Baltimore, MD.   He left the Rich on 04/15/1966 for separation.

12 07/28/14 Bieman, Gerald George

(09) Gerald (RDSN) is located in Hanover, MD.  Gerald was a reservist who arrived on the Rich on 10/21/1966 when she went into or was already in dry-dock, went to Gitmo for a shake down cruise and left in 1967 before she left for Vietnam and then got an out early to enter college.  He made RD2 before being discharged. 

13 07/28/14 Dalgarn, James Milton (10) James (MMFN) came aboard on 2/12/1965 and departed on 5/16/1966 for separation.  He  died on 8/3/2004 at 58 years of age.  His widow, Glenna Cheryl, passed shortly thereafter on 9/287/2004.
14 07/28/14 Truran, Arthur Allen

(11) Arthur (GMG2) is located in Norfolk, VA.  His granddaughter helped him connect with the researcher and will introduce him to the website and his shipmates as well as drive him to the reunion site.  He came aboard on 10/21/1966.

15 07/28/14 Losonszki, Richard L

(12) Richard (FN) died at age 38 in Jan 1981 at Cuyahoga Fall, OH.  He boarded on 5/7/1965 and remained onboard through 1966.  Jerry could not find any details about the cause of his early passing. 

16 07/28/14 Wiseman, Gary Thomas

(13 Gary (FA) is just home from the hospital.  He wife Sandra  states he is in need of our prayers and moral support.  He is in Roanoke, VA.  He has a severe hearing disability.

17 07/28/14 Hihano, Milton Patrick

(14) Milton (FN) died on 12/26/2006 at age 59.  He was a Hawaiian native.  He boarded on 10/5/1965 and remained through 1966.

18 07/29/14 Staehling, Marcus Steven

(15) Marcus (SN) is located in Russellville, AL.  The researcher called and had to speak with the Head Chef for our shipmate was on mess duty and he was not allowed to distract him for fear of him burning the hamburgers.  He welcomes Rich news.

19 07/29/14 Vansyckle, Walter Frank

(16) Walter (SA) died on 1/20/2012 in St. Petersburg, FL.  He left a son Jason (727-277-2529).

20 07/30/14 Pangelinan, Pantaleon Ignacio (17) Pantaleon (DC1) is located in National City, CA. He enlisted from Guam. Jerry had to speak through his wife Josephine as he is battling throat cancer and his voice is just a whisper.
21 07/30/14 Wheeler, John Henry (18) John (SA) died on 10/5/2011 at Port Charlotte, FL. He is interred in the Sarasota National Cemetery in Sarasota, FL. His marker reads SA, U.S. Navy, Vietnam.
22 07/30/14 Ottum, John Wiley Gulick (19) John (STG2) is located at in Dresden, ME.  Email is allcats2-at-roadrunner.com Looking forward to Rich news, visiting the website and relaying to you his story about a US Navy Academy ring. Ask him where the name Gulick comes from. Another good story!
23 07/30/14 Klingen, Paul R (20) Paul (EMFN) died on 6/23/2009. His widow is Joan M. and is in Mastic, NY.
24 07/31/14 Rasnake, Roger H

(21) Roger (BM2) is located in Finksburg, MD 21048.  Boarded in late 1966 as a SN and left in 1968 as a BM2 (1st Division).  Moving to FL when home sells. 

25 07/31/14 Deahl, Lawrence O

(22) Lawrence (FN) died on 3/16/2007 at 59. No obituary was available.

26 08/01/14 Dishner, Lynn Edward

(23) Lynn is located in Princeton, WV 24740. On his pre-Rich ship was the Captain’s driver which provided a  “Secret Clearance” that led to his assignment in ASROC (Fox Div) when he boarded the Rich as an SN.  Persons senior to him were denied for a lack of a secret clearance.  He reported 10/31/1966 and departed in 1968.

27 08/01/14 Neuhausen, William Laurence (24) Bill (IC2)reported 11/19/1966 and left in 1968 when the Rich returned from Vietnam via San Francisco where he departed.  He is located in Ocala, FL.
28 08/01/14 Simms, Steven L

(25)  Steven (STG2)  reported aboard 11/19/1966 and left in 1969.  He is located in West Henrietta, NY.

29 08/01/14 Lovegren, William Carl

(26) Bill (EM3) reported aboard on 11/24/1966 as an EMFN and departed in 1968 as an EM3.  He is located in Las Vegas, NV.  He summers in Annandale, MN.

30 08/06/14 Newman, Gary Vincent (27) Gary (FN) is located in Tyler, TX. Email is n5xpd@nctv.com He’s a ham operator and that is his handle.
31 08/06/14 Condell, Frank Gerald III (28) Frank (EM3) is located in, San Antonio, TX. At 68, he is still working although part time. Looking forward to Rich news.
32 08/06/14 Swobada, Dale E (29) Dale (BM3) (66-68) is now in good health having survived a bout with Colon cancer. He is in Two Rivers, WI. He is the first to vote for a reunion in WI.
33 08/06/14 Kirkman, Roy Lee (30) Roy (SM2) (64 to ?) died at Edenton, NC 7/1/2011. Apparently he retired after 20 years as a SM2.
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