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Shipmates Found - Group Three - June 2012
At the 2012 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized to continue the search for two additional groups of shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association. 
1 6/25/2012 Coolen, David F RMSA – was born 0806/1943 and died on 11/06/1998 at age 55 at an unknown location. His home state was PA
2 6/25/2012 Corbett, James W BT3 is located in North Versailles, PA. This shipmate is retired and anxious to make contact with former shipmates.
3 6/25/2012 Edmondson, Edgar H EMFA is located in New Plymouth, ID. Ed is medically challenged and retired since 1992. 
4 6/25/2012 Klisch, Allan P FTG3 – Allan passed on 04/11/1991. He is interred at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. His marker reads “FTG3 USN, Vietnam”. 
5 6/25/2012 Meath, Michael J Is located in Canton, MI. He is retired from Ford Motor Co. 
6 6/25/2012 Parker, Gary D ETRSN – Gary passed on 09/21/1995. 
7 6/25/2012 Perhach, William J FTGSN is located in Bend, OR 97701.
8 6/25/2012 Seubott, Alvin J IFCN is located in Catonsville, MD. He wishes to contact his former IC and SF shipmates.
9 6/25/2012 Simmons, Joseph C Is located in Summerville, SC. He wishes to contact all his EN shipmates.
10 6/25/2012 Swenson, Tommy W Tommy Wayne Swenson SN – died on 07/03/1994 at Poynette, WI.
11 6/28/2012 Goodermote, James W Sr SN – is located in Lumberton, NC. James has a great memory for shipmates and is most interested in contacting them through the Rich Association. He is tough to contact as he is dealing with two jobs. He spirits and sense of humor are high
12 6/28/2012 Simpson, David M SN – died on 08/24/2008 at Fredericksburg, VA. His wife Marianne welcomes communications from his shipmates. David was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on 07/24/2008,was hospitalized and died 30 days later.
13 7/3/2012 Donaldson, Kenneth D Donaldson boarded in 5/1962 as an RDSN is located in Ebensburg, PA. He welcomes news of the Rich and his shipmates.
14 7/3/2012 Flater, Richard W Flater, MM3 is located in Finksburg, MD.
15 7/3/2012 Haley, Francis T Haley, SFP2 died on 12/13/1996 at Staten Island, NY. His widow is Elizabeth and she will receive calls about Francis.
16 7/3/2012 Love, Eugene B Love, EN3 is located in York, PA. He served 20 years, earned the CPO hat but left before he could wear it.
17 7/3/2012 Radunz, Julius P Radunz, EN2 is located in Hutchinson, MN. Julius has medical issues and resides in a new handicap-friendly home. He will be glad to hear from former shipmates. He served 20 years and retired as EN1.
18 7/5/2012 Carargher, James Allen EM3 is located in Hickory Hills, IL.  James is in good health and is semi-retired as an insurance broker.  He looks forward to hearing from Tony Otero.
19 7/5/2012 Cordell, James Harold MM3 is located in Fairview, NC.  James has excellent memories of his time aboard (62-65) including the Cuban Missile crisis which he would enjoy revisiting with shipmates.  He is in good health and retired.
20 7/5/2012 Milks, James Leroy Is located in Keenesburg, CO. James is retired but dealing with substantial health issues. He sounded very upbeat and welcomes Rich news and looks forward to swapping sea stories.
21 7/5/2012 Otero, Antonio John EM3 is located in Youngstown, OH. Tony lost his wife a short while agao and is hopeful of reconnecting with fellow shipmates especially his liberty buddy, Jim Carargher.  He left the Rich in 1965 as EM2.
22 7/6/2012 Calimag, Edilberto D  IC2 – located in Pasadena, CA.  He spoke fondly of his time aboard. He spent 14 years in and leaving as IC1 and on disability.
23 7/6/2012 Greeley, Robert Lee BT2 – located in Syracuse, NY.  He boarded in 63 and left in 69 as BT2.  He served 10 years leaving as BT2.  He also served on the Valley Forge CVS34.  He is handicapped with MS and will try hard to make it to New London.  He enjoyed his time aboard the Rich.
24 7/17/2012 Johnson, Joe Marvin DC3 – located in Shalimar, FL.
25 7/25/2012 Stevens, Kenneth G BTFN – is located in Jacksonville, AR 72076.  Kenneth came aboard on 06/13/1963 and remained until 1966.
26 7/30/2012 Bates, Kenneth O'Neal

RM3 – was born on 11/7/1939 and died 11/28/1984 in TX at age 45.  He is interred at the Pinecrest Cemetery in Alexander, AR.

27 7/30/2012 Keith, Leland P

BM2 – located in Port Allen, LA.  He served 22 years and retired as BMC.  He welcomes news of the Rich and the opportunity to attend his first Navy Reunion.

28 8/02/2012 Hatfield, Lester D FTG2 – located in Norfolk, VA. He served 30 years retiring as FTGCS (E8).  He welcomes news of the Rich. 
29 8/02/2012 Dawson, Frank H DK1 – is located in Niles, OH.  Frank went on to serve 24 years and retired at DKCS.  He welcomes news of the Rich.
30 08/03/2012 Balitchik, John P SF1 - is located in Beach Park, IL.  He is in good health and welcomes Rich information.
31 08/08/2012 Affonso, Joseph BTCM- is located in Newport, RI. Joe is in good health. He made BTCM in 1968 and retired after 19 and 6 in 1973.
32 08/02/2012 Sherwindt, Carl D

MM1 – is located in Blaine, ME. Carl served 20 years and retired as MMC.  He is VERY interested in joining as well as locating former shipmates.

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