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Shipmates Found - Group Two - June 2012
At the 2012 Association Business Meeting  funds were authorized to continue the search for two additional groups of shipmates who we have not found nor they us.  The search is conducted by professional researcher Jerry Tardif and sponsored by Tin Can Sailors Association. 
1 6/11/2012 Bidwell, Daniel Loren LTjg – is located in Belmont, MI.  He worked for the FBI and is a snow bird wintering in Sedona, AZ.
2 6/11/2012 Bonham, Mark William LTjg – is located in Indianapolis, IN.
3 6/11/2012 Garrett, Herbert Curtis SA – located in Philadelpha, PA.
4 6/11/2012 Tingley, Arthur S EM3 located in Derby CT 06418.
5 6/14/2012 Benson,Champy Cecil   FA – passed away on 03/28/2009 at Grand Bay, AL.  
6 6/14/2012 Blocker, James Olin RD2 – located in Brunswick, GA.
7 6/14/2012 Bourcier, Richard N RD2 – located in Rhinelander, WI. 
8 6/14/2012 Buffum, Robert Alan Located in Kutztown, PA. 
9 6/14/2012 Crout, Andrew Andrew died at age 45 in 1/1987 at Grand Crossing, IL.
10 6/14/2012 Hampton, David Alan Located in St. Louis, MO. 
11 6/14/2012 Kravitz, John Joseph Passed away on 10/8/2000 at Staten Island, NY. 
12 6/14/2012 Overturf, Ronald S MMFA – passed away on 12/27/1998 at age 52 at North Tonawanda, NY.
13 6/14/2012 Rowe, Robert Eugene Located in Brookville, OH.
14 6/14/2012 Seibel, Edmund Robert BT3 – died on 8/27/2009 at Fredericksburg, VA. His grave marker reads BT3 US Navy, Vietnam and he is interred in the Quantico National Cemetery, Triangle, VA.
15 6/14/2012 Smith, H. Barry BMSN  – located in Shelbyville, KY.  He is anxious to connect with members Jerry Allen Jones and Daryl Cupak, (MA).  He is a strong candidate for the CT reunion and maybe many more now that he is retired.  In mentioning names and he learning that Jerry’s is French, he immediately recalled shipmate DuBois, the only mate who always looked spiffy while the rest of them were “dinghy”.  He supposes it helps to be in charge of the ship’s laundry. 
16 6/14/2012 Tomasi, Dominic F Is  located in Kalamazoo, MI.   He was a Ship Serviceman.  Dom was activated from the Reserves during the Cuban Missile crisis in 1963.  Dom went on to become an engineer for GM
17 6/14/2012 Yarolin, Richard J SN – located in Yonkers, NY. 
18 6/18/2012 Albert, Gilbert C. EM3 – is located in Caribou, ME.
19 6/18/2012 McGarry, Charles S. Located in New Bloomfield, PA. Charles went on to serve 10 years leaving the Navy as BT2.
20 6/18/2012 Morrison, William B. Jr. SN – died in October of 1989 from cardiomyopathy of the heart muscle
21 6/18/2012 Rau, Marshall E. BMSN Located in Allentown, PA. This mate has a great memory for shipmate names.
22 6/18/2012 Shilling, William J. BT1 – is located in Penn Run, PA. He went on to serve on the New and the Henderson before leaving after 10 years as a BT1 and had BTC made if he shipped over. He is a Harley aficionado and has traveled all over the USA on his bike. 
23 6/18/2012 Stead, William A. Passed away on 10/18/2009 at Virginia Beach, FL. He went on to serve 28 years retiring as OTCS.
24 6/18/2012 Truesdale, Gerald W. SA- is located in Bishopville, SC. He mentioned achieving GM3 before departing in May of 1967 and that his tour on the Rich was the best part of his Navy service. He is retired.
25 6/18/2012 Wood, Gordon H. GMSN  is located in Palm Bay, FL. He is a native of CT and will be visiting there Saturday.  He worked as a Gunners Mate striker and being a reservist left after two years aboard.
26 6/21/2012 Bartlett, David R EM2 is located in Bellevue, NE. He stayed aboard until 4/1967 and left as EM2. He went on to college for his BS and wound up teaching for 24+ years in the fields of American History and Justice & Law. He has a perfect memory for all his fellow EM’s and looks forward to speaking with them
27 6/21/2012 McHale, Daniel J FTG3 is located in Barnhart, MO. He left the Rich in 1965 for an assignment on an LST. 
28 6/21/2012 Peer, John M Jr SMSN is located in Port Washington, WI. John reported to the Deck Force upon boarding and made his way to the Skivy Waivers’ Div for the balance of his active duty tour. He has a vivid recollection for his shipmates and will likely want to pursue contacting them by joining the association.
29 6/21/2012 Toomey, Vincent L QMSN – located in Washington, DC.  .
30 6/21/2012 Woods, Larry L YN3 is located in Kernersville, NC. Larry is in good health and has 4 grandkids. all signs of a rich man. He’ll welcome Rich news and will ask his wife to give him a tour of the Rich website looking for buddies.
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